[diggers350] MI6 undermines Zimbabwe Reforms

diynet at free.polbox.pl diynet at free.polbox.pl
Sat Apr 15 19:31:26 BST 2000

> You can always spot a time-waster.

Bit of a master of the one line put down arent you.

> I posted the mail at the bottom to Ian personally but he replied via the
> list.  We're clearly not going to agree on Zimbabwe Ian so why waste
> everyone's time and wear out their delete keys with replying to one-to-one
> mails via the list?? 

A slip on my part but a fortuitous one perhaps.
I dont think its such a waste of time to discuss things although
its pretty clear that your style is to issue pronouncements
from on high.

> You are a little wide of the mark if you think the fact that no actions are
> on the website nothing is planned and we're not doing anything worthwhile
> that's not an action.

Rather oddly phrased but if there is something, perhaps you could
share it with the list.

> Try and pull my argument apart point by point if you
> wish but don't just trot out the foreign office line, please.

> I repeat, take your cynicism elsewhere, anywhere, or else engage with the
> campaign in a positive way. whoever you are???

Not much point in commenting on your theories as youre clearly not
someone who is prepared to consider anyone elses opinion.

However with the possible exception of yourself, Id be
delighted to hear the opinions of people lurking here
rather than the automated crap weve been subjected to

As for "whoever you are???" No Im not someone you know
having an anonymous dig at you. Although Ive been involved
with land rights in a small way in the past, I dont think
Ive ever come across you. My loss obviously ;)

And "following the foreign office line". A lot of the time
I get most of my news from the BBC so Im grateful for the
two people who posted here on the topic of Zimbabwee for
expressing a different viewpoint. My own views have
evolved as a result.

To your credit, you raised the topic in the first place
although somewhat in the manner of a man who lurches
into the room and throws up over ones shoes.


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