[diggers350] discussions around zimbabwe

diynet at free.polbox.pl diynet at free.polbox.pl
Sat Apr 15 00:10:58 BST 2000

> This whole discussion about Zimbabwe seems more complicated than simply a
> question of allowing poor squatters to take back the land that the evil
> colonial white farmers have stolen from them.

Certainly is.

> There is no guarantee that the squatters are not his croneys, seeking the
> best land for themselves, while still depriving the poor and needy and
> those who are victims of his regime regardless of whether they are black or
> white.

What seems likely is that a lot of the squatters are completely
genuine. However theyre being duped and Id say its almost certain that
theyve been infiltrated by Government agents.

> 2ndly there has been much violence in the dispute and the whites are now
> victims of racist attack. 

Yes, and a lot of poor people are being used as pawns.

> As a movement our main principle within TLIO states that 'we campaign
> PEACEFULLY for access to land for everyone, regardless of race..'

This is Africa and things seldom proceed peacefully there.

> Redistribution should take account also of the needs of those that are
> affectively being evicted: in this case the white farmers. Otherwise this
> simply becomes a conflict based on greed and power, the white colonialists
> being replaced by black.

Greed and Power are where its at unfortunately. Squeezed between their
corrupt government and its western paymasters, its hard to see how
the dispossessed can proceed.


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