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Saturday April 21st midnight
- Friday April 28th midnight 


this campaign is a big part of a more generalised global campaign to
re-assert 'human involvement' once again within a handful of
mega-corporations who now control most of the information flows, and
routinely censor opinions and edit out alternative lifestyles that
their interests and profits.  

millions of people switching off the Primary Communication Flow for a week
could be a powerful gesture of consumer sovereignty, and will almost
certainly lead to bigger things down the road, while probably leaving a
truly historical “Blip” for history to analyse and draw inspiration from
generations to come.  :-)

what with the whole seattle/washington things, the “Dancing Green
PeoplePower” i’ve been predicting since the ‘80s is arriving bang on
schedule!  meaning at the very last minute!  :-)

to get more involved in the global TV TURNOFF CAMPAIGN being 'frontlined'
Culture Jammers Network check out http://www.adbusters.org.  not only will
you get more edutaining ideas there, you can also download b/w and color
versions of the campaign poster.

while there, be sure to check out their new 30-second TV-Turnoff
"uncommercial,"  a potent little mindbomb which 60 public access stations
around the world have already agreed to broadcast.  if you can secure media
coverage of the campaign in your area, email your address to
tvturnoff at adbusters.org and ask them if they’ll send you a broadcast copy
for the cost of postage from the US!   specify VHS, 3/4", or BETA.

for more specific information, contact campaigns manager tom liacas at
tvturnoff at adbusters.org and jammers at adbusters.org

campaign launched: Mon, 13 Mar 2000


Saturday April 21st midnight
- Friday April 28th midnight 



here's some background intelligence, just forwarded to me by terence's
brother dennis, so often the technical/scientific hemisphere of their
conspiracies together.  i have a personal story about the matter dennis
raises which i'll add at the end!  :-)

        "Basically, I developed the technology for growing cubensis on
steriled rye in mason jars.  Actually, all I did was adapt the technology
first developed by J.P. San Antonio, (1971 -- a great year for
apparently)  A 
laboratory method to obtain fruit from cased grain spawn of the cultivated 
mushroom, Agaricus bisporus; Mycologia 63: pp 16ff.  He was a USDA
I believe, who developed this method to grow small amounts of A bisporus
people wanting to study mushroom physiology.  I just adapted the method to 
cubensis and it worked.  Your tax dollars at work!
        It was Terence who saw the entrepeneurial possibilities in the
method and helped to scale-up the operation; we worked together to write
book, along with Kat Harrison who illustrated and Jeremy Bigwood who
provided the photographs."

i lived in san francisco at this period, for around six months.  i'd never
heard of the mckenna brothers or anything, of course, but i came across,
later moved around for profit, these jars which contained spores that grew,
over some weeks, into several generations of powerful magic mushies!  i
confirmed this with terence years ago as *definitely* his!    



<david at vortextual.net> has offered his site as a collection point for any
other media obituaries you spot, or if you'd like to write your own.  he's
agreed to give us a complete copy for our archives which we'll publish as a
//YOU release.

and finally don't miss the Tribute To Terence in the Debatathon Room at
Megatripolis The Second Coming on May 25th at Heaven.  news on this in a
later email.


Saturday April 21st midnight
- Friday April 28th midnight 

extract from Mckenna's "Timewave Zero and Language":-

        "History is the disturbance in nature which precedes concrescence.
        It's interesting that many of the psychedelic compounds involved in
language phenomena, like DMT and harmine and harmaline, occur as part of
metabolism, ordinarily. And harmaline, specifically 5-methoxy
tetrahydroharmalan, occurs in the pineal gland. The pineal gland has always
been thought of as somehow connected to the soul. Descartes called it the
of the soul. What I'm trying to get at here, is the the world is mental in
way that we do not yet understand, but which we're edging toward
I think of history as a kind of mass psychedelic experience. The drug is
technology, and as technology gets more and more perfected as a mirror of
human mind, the cultural experiences becomes more and more hallucinatory.
        Our planet is on a collision course with something that we, at our
present state of knowledge, don't have a word for. A black hole is simply a
gravitationally massive object, so massive that no light can leave it. What
talking about is something like that, except that it isn't so much
gravitationally massive as temporally massive. We are soon to be sucked
the body of eternity. My model points to 11:18 am, Greenwich Mean Time,
December 21, 2012 AD.
        My notion is fairly simple. History is a set of nested resonances
with each epoch being shorter than the one that preceded it. This event
horizon is like a series of ghost horizons, and once you enter into
you enter into the outer shell of the temporal field of the attractor or
concrescence. In
other words, history is the disturbance in nature which precedes the
concrescence. It precedes it by only 50 thousand years -- a geological
microsecond -- before all life is melted down in the presence of the
singularity. History is a curious interzone that is not the singularity and
the absence of the singularity; it's the singularity in the act of
becoming. It
only lasts a geological microsecond, but if you happen to be born as we
inside that microsecond, then you have a very curious perspective on the
phenomenon because you observe it from inside.
        Within history's series of nested cycles, each cycle is only
human/machine interfacing, pharmacological redesigning of the human
brain/mind system, possibly digitalizing and downloading into the
microphysical realm.
        All these disparate physical elements come to nothing if they don't
add up to more than the sum of their parts. And the more than the sum of
their parts is the transcendental element we call love. That is part of the
eschaton that has never left us, but accompanied us across the African
grassland and into
history. Love has been bloodied and battered by the experiences of sexism
racism and so forth. But never lost as an ideal, never lost as a guiding
and an experience, and when we dissolve all the boundaries, this is what we
will discover; an unconditional caring, an unconditional affection that
through all life and all matter and gives it meaning. You don't have to
for the end of the world to get this news. You can just short circuit the
collective march toward that realization by accelerating your own microcosm
spirituality through the use of the hallucinogens. They are the doorways
the Gaian mind has installed in the historical process to let anybody out
time they want out, provided they have the courage to turn the knob and
through the door."


Heinz, 1960's pop star with the Tornadoes, whose hit Telstar was the first
by a British group to top the US charts, has died. He was 57.
Listen for it during 'The Landing Of The Mother Ship' in the most high tec
dancefloor in Europe that we're transforming into a sound and light theatre
that only worldlywise "common sense" stops me advertising as "MONEY BACK IF
starts at megatriplis the second coming on thursday may 25th @ heaven,


Saturday April 21st midnight
- Friday April 28th midnight 

Making Bankers More Human Campaign // UPDATE

Total vindication of this campaign arrived today with the announcement that
Lloyds TSB has given in to "public pressure" and slashed its cash machine
charges for non-customers to 50p. Just before this it had also agreed to
ditch its £1.50 "disloyalty fee."  Newspapers in the UK report it was due
"growing customer fury."  

The other 39 banks and building societies in the LINK machine network
to ditch disloyalty charges at a meeting in March, at which point the //YOU
decided to continue its campaign for another 2 weeks.  And today media
reports say the other banks Barclays and HSBC are "urgently discussing
whether to bring their rate in line with Lloyds TSB." 

who said bankers were already too far gone to be affected?!

to round off this successful campaign, which has clearly forced bankers to
at least re-consider their humanity, here's further advice from someone who
took part in the campaign though without much hope:

"Given that most people have (need?) bank accounts, a better idea is to
remove your account completely from the offending institution and place it
with one that does not charge you for using other banks' ATMs. 
Write your bank a short letter explaining why you're moving it. My own bank
(The Royal Bank of Scotland) does not currently charge anyone for using
their ATMs and has no plans to. 
If we recognise that we're subliminal capitalists in the subterranean
free-market economy, then it's down to this - who will give me the best
service at the best price? This isn't an acceptance of money as God, it's
saying that if
we're going to be part of this system that has tried to benefit a
few and enslave the rest, then we can play with it just as much as they
Vote with your pocket as this is the language they understand best. Remove
your money from the profiteers and place it with people who will do
something better with it. Of course, the Royal Bank makes good profits (and
has just taken over National Westminster Bank), but they seem more
interested in giving their customers value for money than some others I can
think of. Banks like the Co-operative bank have sound ethical policies, and
no doubt there's other institutions that can give a good deal too. This is
about waking up and saying to these people, "this is what I want, and I'll
go elsewhere if you can't give it to me". I reckon when we do fully wake up
and demand more conscious and caring ways of running the world (and we give
our money to the ones who do it the best), that's when we'll really see a
difference. Revolve, evolve, solve!"
mervyn wright.

Saturday April 21st midnight
- Friday April 28th midnight 
fraser at parallel-youniversity.com
Parallel YOUniversity 


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