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> Subject: Support the Final Push! (fwd)
> Date: 20 April 2000 18:01
> The plan to cancel $100 billion of the poorest countries' debts, agreed
> the Cologne G8 Summit last June, is in serious trouble.  The UK
> Chancellor, Gordon Brown had predicted that eleven countries would by now
> have benefited from the Cologne deal, with 25 qualifying by the end of
> 2000. Instead, only five are through so far and only fourteen are firmly
> expected to get help by the end of the year.  Of the $100 billion
> promised, less than $13 billion has actually been delivered so far - and
> the final figure looks set to fall well short.  Furthermore, we always
> said $100 billion was only a beginning - a lot more needs to be cancelled
> to give children in the world's poorest countries real hope of a future
> the new millennium.
> What's the problem?  Too many people think this issue has been dealt
> They think that just because the leaders made a promise, they will
> deliver. But they will only do so if they know that people all over the
> world want this to happen - now, in the Jubilee year, 2000.
> Is there still time to make a difference?  I believe so - and others
> agree. As the Financial Times said last week, "with just eight months
> for Jubilee 2000 to make a mark on the debt mountain, the chance of one
> more seismic shift in the process cannot be ruled out." If that seismic
> shift is to happen, we need your help. 
> But all of this work costs money.  We have had fantastic financial
> support, from you and from thousands of ordinary people who want to see
> this extraordinary movement succeed.  But we still have to find another
> 200,000 to see our plans through to the end of this year.  You can make a
> donation to Jubilee 2000 over the telephone using a credit or debit card
> by calling us on + 44 (0)20 7739 1000.  You can also donate securely
> through our website - www.jubilee2000uk.org/funding.html.
> Jubilee 2000's treasurer tells me that for every 1 we have raised for the
> campaign so far, 25,000 has been promised in debt cancellation.  That's a
> pretty good return.  I am asking you if you can help us now.  However
> large or small, your donation will make a difference.
> With your backing, my team and I will rise to every opportunity, remove
> every obstacle and work every moment between now and the end of the year.
> A debt-free start for the world's poorest countries can be a reality in
> this millennium year.  With support from you, we can make a seismic shift
> happen.  
> Yours sincerely,
> Ann Pettifor
> Director
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