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kAt kat at lateral.net
Thu Aug 3 17:55:50 BST 2000

Anyone thinking of going to Hackney Volcano Festi on 12th?

Well, it won't happen at all unless more people volunteer as stewards...
fancy helping out?

If so, contact Chris:

christofu at continentaldrifts.uk.com



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 The festival is steaming ahead and looks to be one of the best
 most culturally interesting for years.

 We need a small piece of help from any of our friends and family.

 At the momemnt we will not have a festival at all , 1000 artists will not
 have gigs and all have worked for nothing all year for no reason. This is
 because we need stewards and the council want proof. We need 100 and there
 are at present 10.


 Stands around the front of stage and makes sure that nothing is going
 Helps run backstages and generally keeps an eye on things.


 Hackney Marsh at 11 o'clock for the stewards briefing when they decide if
 the festival happens if there are enough stewards.

 It is not hard work and although its voluntary we can give food and a
 travel (like a fiver) and its a chance to help an incredible free event.

 But please help or ask anyone to help .

 Without this help there will be no festival.


 Chris Tofu

 christofu at continentaldrifts.uk.com




 more about the festy ...

 Hackney Volcano Festival

 12 pm - 8.30 pm
 Saturday August 12, 2000
 Hackney Marsh (east), London

 Letter from John O'Sullivan - Event licensee

 Place yer finger on the pounding pulse at the biggest celebration of
 underground music and performance in the UK this year.

 On August 12 the Hackney Volcano Festival will present the creme de la
 of the UK underground in an eclectic explosion of British talent covering
 all areas of dance culture, live acts and performance from diverse cultures
 and genres.

 Whether it's hip-hop, breakbeat, drum'n'bass, reggae, funk, house, garage,
 techno or circus you'll find some of the most respected names on the
 underground scene coming together for a free one day festival par
 on Hackney Marshes. AND ALL WE WANT IS A DONATION.

 So what lies boiling in the crater?

 Fresh from packed success at The Scala and the ICA, Purple Banana will
 present the Asian Underground in all its live band and DJ glory. Expect
 Salam and Funk, Ecostani, Nasha and Invasion to bust up the live stage
 whilst DJ's Mo Magic and Gilly X throw down the latest Asian breakbeat

 You may have seen them on two Channel Four documentaries or even in BBC2's
 award winning episode of Living with the Enemy or you may only have only
 heard tell of their formidable reputation for hosting the biggest free
 in the UK. Well, come check em out for real as The Exodus Collective from
 Luton bring down their formidable rig and the rosta of DJ's which have seen
 their regular raves go from 150 people to 10,000 in eight years.

 21st Century Beats - producers of the top selling 21st Century Ska
 compilation this year - draws together some of the new movers and shakers
 the world of drum'n'bass and breakbeat in a never wavering quest for the
 B line. The Dub Pistol's Barry Ashworth catches the bus over from his
 residencies at Funkt (Mass), The Clash (Dogstar) and Sonic Mook (Scala),
 promising a total party vibe mix of nuskool breaks, funk and Hip-hop.
 Botchit and Scarper label boss and club DJ VINI puts a needle to some fresh
 break beat wax, whilst the much hailed Hardwire show why their style of
 Breakbeat/ska/hip-hip is ripping a new sound through London's clubland. The
 hard and funky drum'n'bass of Codetalker will be pounding the boards
 accompanied by Asian Dub Foundation sound system rapper MC Sensor.

 If yer wanna catch up with the new generation of British hip-hop then
 Homegrown's extensive selection of live outfits draws the best bizniss from
 cities around the UK includng MOBO nominees 57th Dynasty and Luton's
 Phi-Life Cypher who have recently been invited to support Public Enemy on
 the European leg of their tour.

 The Continental Drifts Firestarter Stage is gathering a reputation for
 breaking new bands at established festivals and is pulling out all the
 Volcanic stops to present a selection of their best live acts from around
 the UK. A fulsome line up includes Manchester's big bass dub-busters,
 Nucleus Roots, South London's favourite packed-house ska outfit The Topcats
 and Newcastle's stuff'o'legend kleismer freaks, The Bagdaddies.

 The Hubble Bubble stage will be proffering a wealth of world talent
 including Transglobal Underground, Oojami, Sohar, Donav, Shimal, Seeds of
 Creation and DJ Nelson Dilation whilst the Club Brazil tent will be hosting
 the latest salsa, samba, batucada, Latin funk and Latin house cuts between
 troupes of capoeira and samba dancers.

 The Out of Order stage will be demonstrating why London's underground
 scene has earned itself such an internationally renowned reputation for
 staying up forever with a line which includes live acts, Audio Pancake and
 Geezer, and underground mainstay DJ's Aaron and Julian Liberator, Ant and

 You'll also be pleased to know that we've put everyone on the guest list
 the UK's smallest nightclub, the Miniscule of Sound?..jus say you're on
 bob's list?or was it bill's??.but whatever, dress to impress!

 And if you're feeling a little sensorily deprived then come and allow the
 hands-on, tongue-in-cheek hostesses of Glam R Us relax you in their
 Flirtation Tank. Guaranteed to raise more than smiles. Warning: Tight
 underpants may cause bruising.

 Performance and Cabaret will be a major highlight of the festival brought
 you by The Shifty Commuters from Chats Palace and Hackney's Lava Louts who
 will offer an escape from the musical mayhem with a fanatastic array of
 including?? Hydra - trashy American Housewives and clown kicking will leave
 you smelling of roses. The sisters of Percy - nuns with attidude!!! Keep
 your eyes peeled for Creature Feature local performers with a international
 reputation in the festival world be featuring their "Loony Raving Monster
 Millenium Bug" and "Vi and Vi" who will fill you in on the lastest gossip?.
 Need a double entendre? Last seen on the cover of the NME A Glastonbury
 favourite Legendary Lynn's Mermaid and Drunken Sailor is a delight not to
 missed. Keep watching the skies! Aerial performances are running throughout
 the day on two trapeze rigs including performance from the Millennium Dome
 performers, Aerial Enterprises who perform a tribute to the magic
 and Higher Motion - beautiful doubles trapeze based on the tail of the
 cornish mermaid.

 No festival is complete without those very special local Art Terrorists
 Blagart who will be bring their own special style of madness with Bass
 supplied by the High Rise Drifters.

 In Liason with the Albion kids show the Children's area will be buzzing
 activity with a mobile stage for young aspiring rappers, a pirate ship,
 painted swings, puppet shows, face painting and inflatables. There will be
 loads for kids to do.

 Craft and community stalls will be plentiful if information and shopping is
 your passion. A licenced bar and food stalls will be available to meet all
 your hunger and thirst needs.

 There's plenty more lava in the crater ??..with many of other bands, DJ's
 and circus and cabaret performers turning Hackney Marshes into the UK's HQ
 for an almighty one dayer. Bring yer firesuits.

 More Info?. should your diaries be able to stand it?.from

 Jim 07944 319 591 or Pam/John 0208 533 9492

 Or E-mail: volcano at squall.co.uk

 Hackney Volcano Office

 Chats Palace 42-44 Brooksby Walk, Hackney E9.

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