Mark Brown msbrown at
Wed Dec 20 00:41:38 GMT 2000


Protestors target Tesco's & say "stuff your GM turkeys"

This morning (Tues 19th Dec), environmental activists blockaded Tesco's
supermarket depot in Harlow, to protest about the supermarket chain's
continuing use of GM animal feed in it's livestock produce.

Campaigners assert that despite Tesco's having spent the last 12 months
researching and successfully finding alternative sources of non-GM feed
which could meet 100% of their supply needs, the supermarket chain continue
to order livestock that are supplied by feed manufacturers who use GM
grains, such as GM soya.

The GM activists occupied the entrance to the site this morning, locking
themselves onto lorries, so as to disrupt the traffic flow of Tesco's
freight vehicles, this at their busiest time of year.  Activists claim that
they "only want to make the point that large supermarkets such as Tesco's,
who have a dominant influence on food consumption in the UK, should be
responsible and rid our food of GM".  They assert that supermarkets like
Tesco's are being hypocritical when they ban GM ingredients from food
produce, yet continue to supply produce that inputs GM material into the
food chain, when the human health effects of which are still largely

Campaigners have conducted this action in the spirit of Christmas goodwill
to all of Tesco's customers, proclaiming that they hope the general public
can enjoy a Christmas free of GM and it's associated long-term human health

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