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>>Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 17:37:47 +0000
>>From: RECLAIM THE STREETS <rts at gn.apc.org>
>>== Sorry for any cross postings ==
>>Reclaim the Streets (London) and Ya Basta! are compiling our past European
>>contacts which may overlap...
>>--------------Saturday / Sunday the 3rd / 4th March 2001--------------
>>On 25 and 26 November Ya Basta! and Reclaim the Streets met, in their
>>capacity as present and past PGA convenors for western Europe, and discussed
>>coming initiatives of the European network of  Peoples' Global Action.
>>It was decided to call a European meeting of Peoples' Global Action,
>>including all those - individuals and groups, both in east and west Europe -
>>who are at present supporting PGA activities or who are interested in
>>becoming involved and supporting actions in the future.
>>The meeting aims to define the state of the PGA network in Europe, as it has
>>been up to now and after the inspirational events in Prague, and to give
>>shape to its future characteristics and actions.  The meeting will take
>>place in Milan, Italy, at the Leoncavallo Social Centre from the morning of
>>Saturday the 3rd of March to the evening of Sunday the 4th.
>>All those who are interested are invited to contribute to the preparation of
>>the meeting by sending the following to Ya Basta!, at least three weeks
>>before the date of the meeting:
>>1)  presentation of the person(s) taking part and the reasons for their
>>2)  proposals for the agenda to be covered.
>>Attendance does not necessarily depend on making these contributions , but
>>they will make the debates easier to organise and will be considered as
>>elements that give priority of access to speakers.
>>Those interested in attending are advised to organise local, regional or
>>national meetings in preparation.
>>We also suggest organising exchanges of opinion regarding the European
>>meeting, as side initiatives to upcoming events with similar themes. This
>>has already been discussed in Nice and at the European Noborder meeting in
>>Paris and will continue at the preparatory meetings for Davos (16th and 17th
>>of December in
>>Geneva and the 13th and 14th of January in Zurich) as well as the action
>>days in Davos between 25th and 28th of January; obviously these
>>exchanges should not steal time from the discussion of the themes for which
>>the events were organised and should be agreed on with the organisers.
>>As a means of communication and for clarifying the agenda, we shall be using
>>the mailing list:
>>caravan99 at list.free.de, the list in use by the PGA European network since the
>>intercontinental caravan project, to subscribe send an e-mail to
>>caravan99-subscribe at list.free.de
>>Future decisions regarding communications in the PGA European network will
>>be taken at the European meeting.
>>The following is the email address of the Ya Basta! Association, the present
>>European convenor of the PGA and reference point for the organisation of the
>>European meeting: yabasta at tin.it
>>We invite the participants to arrive Friday 2nd of March evening and to
>>inform the organising group in advance of your accommodation needs, and
>>welcome participation in the organisation of this event.
>>For further information on PGA and access to its manifesto, the website is:
>>Ya Basta!  Association
>>For the dignity of all people, against neoliberalism
>>Reclaim the Streets (London)
>>INFO on YB  : www.yabasta.it or www.ecn.org/yabasta.milano
>>INFO on RTS :  www.reclaimthestreets.net
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>>General info: Reclaim the Streets: 020 7281 4621; rts at gn.apc.org
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>>RTS only" (approx 2 a week)
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>>To have your news action reports etc sent out to hundreds of like minded
>>people all over the country *and probably cops too - bear that in mind* -
>>email it to <allsorts at gn.apc.org>
>>Reclaim the Streets: PO BOX 9656, London N4 4JY.
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