[diggers350] Sydney Olympics Protest on Sunday 13 Feb by RENTWATCHERS FWD

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Sat Feb 5 01:16:31 GMT 2000

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[Sydney Olympics Protest on Sunday 13 Feb by RENTWATCHERS]

Dear activists,

Juan Antonio Samaranch (head of the IOC) is coming to Sydney. Join
RENTWATCHERS and friends when we give Samaranch a welcome to Syd-er-ney
that he won't forget. The demo  will highlight the negative impacts of the
Olympics on low income people in Sydney.

We are going to be highlighting homelessness, rent hikes, and the lack of
affordable housing in Sydney as the landlords try to go for gold.

Rentwatchers has tried, unsuccessfully, to change the law to protect
tenants during the Olympic period. The Greens put a bill up to the NSW
parliament in 1999 to amend the law, but thanks to Bob Carr and the 'Labor'
party, it was rejected. The NSW Government says it's 'keeping an eye' on
the rental and homelessness situation, but won't do anything practical to
make sure that tenants lives are made more secure.

The demo will be on

Time: to be announced.
Place: to be announced.

We'll be in touch with you about the details.

If you want to be involved in the street theatre aspect of the demo, let us

PLEASE forward this on to your email networks.

Hazel Blunden

contacts for Rentwatchers:
hazelblunden at hotmail.com
beth at rlc.apana.org.au


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