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> Please send this invitation to the Hope and Resistance gathering to all
> your email list, apologies to all for any crossmailings....
> Invitation
> Hope & Resistance Gathering
> 12-17th May 2000
> Oxford, England
> Workshop themes:
> - Evaluating our nonviolent resistance
> -Sustainability and support
> A gathering of people from all over Europe committed to nonviolent direct
> action. Inspired by the 'ploughshares' tradition of disarming weapons
> hammers, acting for peace with each other and the Earth.
> Hope and Resistance 2000 will have two main themes which the
> and workshops will explore:
> 1) Evaluating our nonviolent resistance
> The last two years have brought some exciting new actions such as Trident
> Ploughshares 2000, Bread not Bombs Ploughshares and genetiX snowball. 
> can we learn from these and other actions to help us in the future?
> 2) Sustainability and support
> Exploring ways of organising support for actions, from preparing
> to the nuts and bolts of how to communicate our message.  How can we
> our networks to facilitate the organisation of support?  How can we
> ourselves and each other for the long haul?
> Participants are encouraged to offer a workshop, give a presentation,
show a
> video or bring information about their campaign. There will also be time
> aside for relaxing workshops on massage, Tai Chi, Yoga, juggling or
> people would like to offer.
> "Hope & Resistance gatherings are the most important gatherings in my
> political life.  I've only ever missed one and that was because I was in
> prison and couldn't get the tunnel finished in time!!  What impresses me
> most is our desire to step aside and criticise, and reflect upon our
> actions, movements and selves, combined with obvious commitments to
> long-term nonviolent resistance.  And alongside this seriousness I've
> experienced an enormous amount of fun and warmth and friendship.  The
> gatherings, the people, have helped me grow up politically, and never
> to challenge and annoy and inspire me.  It's like getting my batteries
> recharged."
> Stephen Hancock, 1997, ploughshares activist from England.
> Nonviolence means actively resisting violence.  Violence doesn't just
> the harming of people and the planet but also includes passivity and
> obedience in the face of such harm or damage.  We regard the conversion,
> dismantling and disarming of destructive weapons, machines and
> as nonviolent so long as there is no possibility of threat to life and
> health.  We seek a common democratic consensus which includes the
> and the poor.
> The Details
> When: From 4.00pm Friday 12th-10.00am Wednesday 17th May 2000.
> are asked to stay for the whole Gathering in order to create a sense of
> community.
> Where: The venue is three miles from Oxford (accessible by public
> in large grounds in the countryside, facilities are basic, sleeping
> accommodation is in large dormitories with single beds.
> Price:  50.00 (includes accommodation for 5 nights and breakfast, lunch
> dinner each day)
> Food:  will be vegan (no dairy products) and organic where possible. 
> to help prepare food welcomed.
> Reservation essential as places are limited to 50. When you contact us to
> reserve your place please let us know if you would like to give a
> presentation etc and let us have the workshop title and a brief
> of the workshop content, if its not obvious. Directions and an agenda
> be sent to those who have registered, in mid April.
> For further details and to register
>   please contact
>   Rowan Tilly,
>   P.O. Box 3279,  Brighton,
>   Phone/Fax: +(44) 1273  625 173
>   E-mail:  rowantilly at gn.apc.org
> About the Hope and Resistance gatherings
> Since the network first began meeting in 1988 we have broadened our
> diversity in age, politics and spirituality.  We have evolved an
> functioning, democratic structure that facilitates active participation
> is welcoming to new people.  Participants stay for the full duration
> nights) in order to create and sustain a sense of community.  Everyone
> on some simple tasks such as helping to cook.
> The gatherings explore issues around nonviolent resistance, the
> of civil disobedience and actions which uphold justice; hold workshops
> offered by participants; share experiences and offer one another support.
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