[diggers350] Re: CJA/ alternative lifestyles

Doubting Castle diynet at free.polbox.pl
Wed Feb 9 21:12:41 GMT 2000

> Further to my request of 04:02:00 which was kindly solved for me by Steve P=
> latt
> is there anyone you know, or you, yourself who has been directly
> affected by implimentation of CJA, and who would'nt mind talking to me thro=
> ugh
> letter, e-mail or to meet up with at Glastonbury or whatever? I need court
> cases, (preferably chucked out), serial evictions affecting health, educati=
> on
> or other welfare, harrassment, confiscation of homes, moving rig abroad
> etc.

What puzzles me is why you think anyone should bother supplying you
with this information. It sounds to me as if you just want all this
for your own personal use, for a degree or whatever not to in anyway
campaign against civil rights violations. The people who really ended up
suffering from the CJA were not the alternative types but the ordinary
travelling people. This is not so much through prosecutions but by
local authorities being allowed to wriggle out of their responsibility
to provide land for travellers to use. Youre not going to find people
like that at Glastonbury they wouldnt be able to pay the admission

> Although this is for my (ImMature!!!) Student dissertation titled "The effe=
> cts of the CJA on alternative culture in Britain", I'm not doing this from =
> a purely academic point of view....I was a Stonehenge attender in the 70s (=
> and Deeply Vale...ever been there? Lovely festival.)

What put paid to that era was not the CJA but the Public order act.


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