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>Subject: s26 - global day of action
>Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 16:23:54 GMT
>Following the global days of action against capitalism of May 1998 (Global 
>Street Party vs G8 Summit), June 1999 (Carnivals against Capitalism vs G7 
>Summit), November 1999 (Mobilisation vs WTO ministerial) and May 2000 
>(reclaiming Mayday), comes "S26"....
>From 26-28 September 2000 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the 
>World Bank (WB) hold their AGM meetings in Prague, Czech Republic. These 
>bodies perpetuate misery, debt and poverty throughout the world by imposing 
>'structural adjustment programs', lending money to corrupt regimes, and 
>demanding socially and ecologically bankrupt but economically 'stimulating' 
>measures, such as dam-building.
>Already thousands of activists, campaigners, concerned citizens globally 
>have pledged to go to Prague to shut the meetings down, with many many more 
>acting in solidarity in their home towns.
>There is now a group working in Bristol to help (i) send activist groups to 
>Prague, and (ii) organise activities around S26 in Bristol.
>The Bristol Group is keen to publicise the S26 events, and let ordinary 
>people know what the IMF & WB and the other capitalist institutions do, and 
>to let people know that there are alternatives, and that they can make a 
>Help is needed to:
>PUBLICISE - posters, flyers, banners, pirate radio programmes, chatting to 
>people, email your friends, discussion lists, doing info stalls at 
>festivals, connecting and linking up with other people locally....
>DECIDE WHAT TO DO IN BRISTOL - info-shops, counter summits, street theatre, 
>RTS, critical mass bike rides, strikes, demos, sabotage, office occupations, 
>all these and much more have been suggested. Not everyone has to be involved 
>in everything - organise autonomously!
>DECIDE WHAT TO DO IN PRAGUE - maps, photo sets, language skills, local 
>knowledge, inspiration, friends, crash space, equipment, training; all this 
>and more could be uselful (esp Czech speakers so Bristol agitprop can be 
>translated into the home language, to help communicate with locals in 
>Prague, and basic vocab lessons)
>RAISE MONEY! - as ever
>So if you're interested get in touch. There will be a Bristol S26 collective 
>presence at Ashton Court to raise awareness, and at the Zapatista! film 
>showing at the Cube Cinema (King Square BS2) on 13 July.

>Bristol S26
>82 Colston Street,
>Bristol BS1 5BB
><s26bristol at aol.com>
>this email account <s26_contacts_sw at hotmail.com> is just a temporary mailout 
>To discuss the S26 day of actions and local actions send a blank message to:
><antiimf2000-subscribe at egroups.com>
>To discuss specifically about mobilising for Prague send a blank message to:
><prag-logistics-subscribe at egroups.com>
>A Bristol discussion list will be available very soon
>The global days of action work by having hundreds of groups working 
>autonomously and non-hierarchically towards common goals. Everyone and every 
>group can contribute - together we can make a difference!
>AGAINST people-killing, alienating, environment-trashing capitalism
>FOR a socially and ecologically sustainable world based on co-operation and 
>mutual aid
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