Exodus' first legal free party

Tony Gosling tony at gaia.org
Sun Jul 16 17:43:01 BST 2000

>From last week's SchNews

The Luton based Exodus Collective and their new found friend Lord Howland,
are set to make history with the first ever legal free-party on July 29th.
You can stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief, it's all true. Lord Howland,
whose golf course has seen many an Exodus party without his permission in
the past, speaks quite fondly of the Collective, "I did initially have a
problem with Exodus, but we have established a link. It seems sensible to
go forward together rather than fighting each other. Their achievements are
very impressive, and they are very good people to deal with." From now on,
the Collective can use a site agreed with the Lord at no cost to hold
free-parties. Even the police and the council have seen the light. The
council have recognised that a non-profit making community event shouldn't
require a license in the same way that a pay party does. The police have
even agreed that Exodus polices itself better without the boys in blue, and
are happy to let them run their own show! If all goes well (and it stops
raining every bloody day) the Collective will hold mini festivals every
month from March to August, culminating in the Free The Spirit Festival in
August. For more on Exodus check out 


* Exodus will be coming to Brighton soon to launch the new SchNEWS/Squall

taken form www.schnews.org.uk

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