Post Mayday

Tony Gosling tony at
Tue May 16 19:54:24 BST 2000

The post-Mayday press produced some constructive criticism of the London
demo but failed to cover the peaceful carnival.  Nor did commentators
applaud the fact that, even though like Gerrard Winstanley's 'men in a
mist' we are unclear about what needs to be done, tens of thousands of us
are so worried about the damage the 'money god' is doing we're prepared to
give up a day of our precious leisure time to stand together. Also
conveniently forgotten by pundits has been the spoiling campaign to
undermine Reclaim The Streets by police and security services. 
One clear positive solution for the social justice movement is a charter
which we could all support based on monetary, land, media and electoral
reform. What'd be needed to give a day-to-day voice to the charter is a
forum for groups working in all the areas where change is needed such as
education, foreign policy, land (that's us), finance, corporate regulation,
media, There will be attempts to 'knobble' it so its also important that
delegates are not afraid to identify and banish timewasters. Such a forum
could take the form of the highly sucessful 'pensioners parliament' with
spokespeople on all the major issues, kind of people's parliament available
for comment 24hrs a day. 
As veteran photographer Tash Lodge quotes on the end of all his emails: "It
is not enough to curse the darkness. It is also necessary to light a lamp."

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