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dan craver disenclosure at hotmail.com
Mon May 22 12:34:07 BST 2000

Now i,ve just about learned how to get some use out of this t.v., there is 
no sense in delaying a bit of dissemination. British law can be legally 
reproduced by anyone in any formatt as long as it accurate and not 
misleading, you got mention hmso's officer etc.(more later). I'm not a 
lawyer so I've got to disclaim any perceived accuracy of my interpretation 
of law, but I hope to reason with common sense, or digger sense (although i 
prefer mulching and forest gardens)
  The attachement joandimmie is a compilation of various laws appearing 
amongst planning books, they are relavant to human interaction with land, 
they can i beleive be improved on, but there are present opportunities that 
many would consider adequate relevant to there current situations.
                         see ya...dan

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