article four (catch twenty two)

dan craver disenclosure at
Fri May 26 14:05:33 BST 2000

article 4 is a problem when combining minor operations with temporary 
buildings and structures(if we scrap the word building we can abbreviate to 
MOTS). A4  more or less gives a blank sheet(exuse pun) to planners to take 
away rights and stop development which has been or is already allowed within 
law. the imposition lasts six months by which time the secretary of state 
has to clear the matter up(yea or neigh). if the workers coop come compost 
maze makers(or whatever)lose they are entitled to compensation if they apply 
for it within 12 months. the compensation can reflect lost business 
opportunity but not the value of the land. so it is well to make theoratical 
business use of an enclosure by calculating the potential revenue expected 
for the duration that the enclosing operation is expected to last. potential 
revenue can be gained fom a polyculture of greens, young trees, anything 
that grows infact. can,t sell the soil though, thats the exuse for 
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