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>(CASH is the Campaign Against Silly Houses)
>> The CASH camapign has launched a sort of interesting website
>> It is not finished yet as usual but hey there are some helpful things onit
>> After the campaigns in Essex (Hockley, Ashingdon) and the recent land
>> squatts in Blackpool and Liverpool we thought lets share the information
>> allow local people to take action against those horrid developers!
>> Go see the website for more info
>> www.angelfire.com/mt/GBH
>> Recntly the OSS open spaces society reported that 49 village greens have
>> been registered at county level. Our campaign would like to know of anyone
>> who has registered their open space as a village green.
>> Under the Commons Registration Act 1965 any area that has 20 years use can
>> be registered as common land.
>> The campaign group in Ashingdon, Gt Baddow, Essex have lodged their
>> applications. Blackpool and Liverpool and Portsmouth are awaiting their
>> inquiries.
>> URGENT Blackpool 'Leys Farm' urgently need help with squatting land
>> on CASH website and earth first Action update
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