Demonstration Against Criminalization of Poverty - Hoboken,NJ,USA

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Tue Oct 10 14:14:25 BST 2000

> Dear Friends,
> Food Not Bombs Hoboken is organizing demonstration on October 14, 2000 at 
> City Hall in Hoboken at 2.00pm. All of you are welcome to join us. We 
> understand that many of you won't be able to come, but we would like to ask 
> you at least to spread the word about this event or maybe get inspired and 
> organize similar protest in your city.
> We would like to thank to everyone who help us with organizing this event.
> For more info, please visit or 
> email us at foodnotbombs_hoboken at
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> OCTOBER 14, 2000
> at 2 pm at City Hall on Washington Street between 1st and 2nd Street in 
> Hoboken, New Jersey
> Please support the unconditional right of any citizen or group of citizens 
> to freely hand out or share food with others! Celebrate unity and
> Poverty is violence, and one expression of poverty is hunger. Millions of 
> Americans, almost half of them children, go hungry every day. Join us in 
> exerting our basic rights to free speech and association. We want to form 
> the basis of new alternatives and sustainable, life-affirming institutions 
> for everyone!
> Street Theater
> Empowering Speakers
> Free Vegetarian Food
> Drum Circle
> And more!
> Food Not Bombs Hoboken NJ
> Food Not Bombs New Brunswick NJ
> Food Not Bombs San Francisco CA
> Food Not Bombs Philadelphia PA
> Food Not Bombs New York NY
> Food Not Bombs Seattle WA
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> Hoboken Action For Nuclear Disarment NJ
> Socialist Party Candidate for Senate Greg Pason NJ
> AAA/Coalition Against Exploitation and Oppression NJ
> Green Party Candidate for Congress Claudette Meliere NJ
> For info: FNB, P.O.Box 713, Hoboken, NJ 07030, email: 
> foodnotbombs_hoboken at, web:


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