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Lilia Patterson lilia at tlio.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 15 14:35:23 BST 2000

Anyone who wants to learn diggers songs etc. 

details of singing course below

a bit late into the course but it runs for 6 weeks.

From: WEA Oxford (Levellers) Branch <levellers at btinternet.com>
To: oxide at maillist.ox.ac.uk
Subject: Songs that Change the World
Date: 06 September 2000 22:01

"Songs that Change the World" is a new WEA (Workers Educational
Association) Oxford Levellers Branch Course for people who like to sing
songs together and find out more about the social, political and cultural
contexts that lie behind them.
6 weekly sessions, beginning on Thursday 14 September 00, from 8 to 10pm,
at St. Alban's Church Hall, Charles Street, (off  Iffley Road), Oxford.
The course fee is £30, or £2 registration fee if you are on benefit.

We will cover 6 themes, one a week - workers, women, justice, peace,
ecology and liberation/freedom, relating each to contempory or historical
songs.  We shall be using recordings, handouts, photos, song extracts, buzz
groups, brainstorms - learning, singing songs from around the world,  and
developing songs by ear - with passion, purpose and loads of fun!

This is just the course for all friends and comrades who are inspired to
learn and reflect about singing as a political activity - and to sing as
well!   Please come and bring the experiences of your particular groups -
and then take back and integrate singing into your community/political
activities, with confidence.

Our Tutor is Liz Hodgson - she has taught singing and voice work since
1984.  She is a community education resource worker,  an environmental and
peace activist, voluntary worker, LETS founder member and an arts and
disability buff.   If you want more information on the course you can call
Liz on 01865-79792434, or Levellers secretary, Bette, on 01865-249336 or
email Levellers Branch.

(Oxford Levellers:  we are the people who organise the annual Levellers Day
in Burford).

Please, we want to hear from you.  With warmest thanks and comradely
greetings from WEA Oxford Levellers Branch.


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