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>Subject: Fwd: Launch of UK campaign against dams
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>>Subject: Launch of UK campaign against dams
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>>>Launch of UK anti dams campaign: 8pm, Wednesday 25th (3rd week), Linacre 
>>>College Abraham Building, Room 4
>>>(The session will begin with planning a response to the Supreme court's 
>>>Narmada ruling as described in the previous email, before moving on at 
>>>about 8.20 to plan the setting up of a more general UK campaign against 
>>>ALL dams, which is what this email is about.)
>>>You probably know quite a bit about the destructive effects of the Ilisu 
>>>dam, what you may not know is that there are hundreds of these monsters 
>>>being built right now and that every single one of them has the same 
>>>destructive effects: displacement of thousands (who almost without 
>>>exception are not properly rehabilitated, and who are very often tribal 
>>>peoples), massive environmental damage, exaggeration of benefits, 
>>>flooding and waterlogging, the list goes on and on.
>>>Big dams are one of the biggest killers in the world today and are 
>>>responsible for much of the poverty seen on the streets of the global 
>>>South. The 3 Gorges dam in china for example will displace over a 
>>>million people - they have nowhere to go. The North has realised what 
>>>disasters they are but has to keep its dam builders in business, so has 
>>>started exporting them en masse to the South instead (dams are one of 
>>>the World Bank's favourite 'development' projects and they fund large 
>>>numbers of them) despite their benefits being proved false or 
>>>exaggerated again and again and again.
>>>If you are interested in finding out how the world is working at the 
>>>moment or if you want to fight it - the case of dams provides a perfect 
>>>microcosm of what's wrong with the world - this is an ideal campaign to 
>>>get involved in (and as its a new campaign, we particularly need support 
>>>at this stage to get it on its feet).
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