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>Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 12:36:41 +0200
>From: "secr(MG!)" <secr at unitedpeoples.net>
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>Subject: MOBILIZE GLOBALLY !  New listserv !
>A new listserv has been set up at
>for the purpose of report and discussion of the
>future and past progressive activities, in order
>to maximize participation and learn from past
>experience, so that the activities worldwide
>continuously raise to an ever more efficient
>For instance, a special working group could be
>set up by the organizers of each event or activity
>to report on this list on their good and bad
>mobilize-globally-subscribe at egroups.com
>Post messages to:
>mobilize-globally at egroups.com
>In solidarity,
>The United Peoples
>NB! New address:  secr at unitedpeoples.net
>   Reinforce, expand and coordinate the new
>worldwide resistance movement !
>   Join the worldwide campaign for transfer
>of the economic and political power from the
>corporations, their mass media monopoly and
>their governments, to the peoples !
>  To demonstrate your support of all of the
>various endevours to achieve this, e.g.
>the protests against the third Asia-Europe
>Meeting (ASEM) summit on October 20-21 in Seoul,
>stopping the Fast Track in the US early 2001
>and the Global Strike Against Corporate Tyranny
>on May 1, 2001, ' M1 ' ( see
>http://www.egroups.com/group/mobilize-globally ),
>simply insert a permanent (MG!) behind your name
>or organisation in the heading of your e-mails,
>   Add this footnote to your messages.
>The next necessary step to maintain the momentum
>of the new worldwide resistance movement is an
>ever more intense involvement and coordination
>of ALL progressives of the planet.
>At the same time as this global movement must
>maintain the flat, decentralized and democratic
>grassroot structure with everybody's opportunity
>to initiate and organize local or global common
>projects, it also must have one common name and
>one ultimate goal.
>The umbrella name appropriately is Mobilize
>Globally ! (MG!)
>Support of this worldwide movement should be
>demonstrated by adding the bracket (MG!) after
>the name of the individual or organisation.
>In e-mails it might be inserted permanently after
>the sender address in the heading.
>The common ultimate goal at the same time must
>be broad and concrete enough, clearly define the
>enemy and thus be phrased as follows:
>Transfer of the economic and political power
>from the transnational corporations, their mass
>media monopoly and their governments, to the
>The worldwide Mobilize Globally! movement will
>- empower the total movement and its individual
>   members in their various activities and
>- focus on the superior common goal
>- enhance all kinds of cooperation nationally and
>   internationally
>- demonstrate our overwhelming strength when the
>   MG! symbol everywhere will catch the eye, and
>- attract ever broader circles of people.
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