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>Burn the Bank!
>Today, Wednesday 18th October 2000, a group of around 60-70 people took 
>part in a solidarity action with those remaining in jail following last 
>month!/s actions against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World 
>Bank in Prague.
>Around 30 people occupied the seminar rooms of the Career Development Unit 
>at Sussex University to prevent a World Bank !.Young Professionals!/ 
>recruitment day from taking place. Occupiers barricaded themselves into 
>the rooms, daubing the walls with statements of prisoner solidarity, 
>anti-World Bank, anti-capitalist and anti-state graffiti. Similar graffiti 
>had been daubed across the university campus the previous night. The 
>occupation continued until hearing that the seminar, and the interviews 
>expected to follow, had been cancelled.
>The group then moved downstairs to blockade the room where the World Bank 
>representative was being held !.for his own safety!/. Leaflets reading 
>!0Capitalism? No thanks. We Will Burn Your Fucking Banks!!1 and copies of 
>the spoof newspaper !.Financial Crimes!/ were handed out to those hoping 
>to attend the seminar. Simultaneously, an anti-World Bank banner was hung 
>from a nearby window, exits were barricaded, fire alarms set off 
>and  passers-by were leafleted.
>When the World Bank representative was finally escorted from the building 
>he was harangued by a large group of people and had his taxi blockaded for 
>around 20 minutes. One woman managed to open the door of the taxi and 
>place a pie in the fat cat!/s face as a final goodbye.
>No arrests were made.
>Those occupying the Career Development Unit issued the following demands 
>and statement of solidarity,
>!0During the recent actions against the IMF and World Bank in Prague 859 
>people were arrested. Most have now been released. However, several 
>!.internationals!/ and an unknown number of Czechs remain in prison. Many 
>others await prosecution. Most of the prisoners were tortured. We are 
>currently occupying the building at Sussex University where a World Bank 
>recruitment seminar was to be held. We do so in solidarity with all those 
>still subject to police brutality and prosecution. Our demands are:
>1)      The immediate release of all remaining prisoners.
>2)      The halting of prosecutions against those who took part in the 
>3)      The immediate return of all property confiscated from arrestees.
>4)      World-wide proletarian revolution with unlicensed pleasure as 
>it!/s only goal!!1
>Many of those who took part in today!/s actions pledge that until our 
>demands are met actions will continue!
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