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>From: Andy Wightman <andywightman at caledonia.org.uk>
>To: Caledonia Briefings <andywightman at caledonia.org.uk>
>Some of you may be interested in the following one-day conference.
>Whose Land?
>The Politics of the Scottish Land Question
>Saturday 28 October 10am - 3.15pm
>Quaker Meeting House
>7 Victoria Terrace
>Cost: £5
>Bookings to:
>Jim Cranstoun
>Scottish Labour History Society
>10 Fountainhall Road
>EH9 2NN
>For further details contact Neil Macvicar tel 0131 652 1715 (home) 0131 271
>3974 (work)
>Socialism, Radicalism and the Land Question in Scotland 1880 - 1914
>by Dr Ewen Cameron, Edinburgh university
>Guns, Game and the Grandee: Landownership and Deer Stalking in the Scottish
>Dr Hayden Lorimer, Aberdeen University
>A Scottish Agricultural Trade union: the Scottish Farm Servants Union in
>East Lothian 1912 - 1932
>Dr Jim Cranstoun, Scottish Labour History Society
>Land Reform and Scots Sense of Nationhood
>Alastair McIntosh
>The Politcs of Land Reform
>Andy Wightman
>Andy Wightman
>9 Inverleith Terrace
>EH3 5NS
>Tel:    07976 696967
>email: andywightman at caledonia.org.uk
>Caledonia Centre for Social Development Land Programme
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The TLIO Networking Office

The Land Is Ours
... A Landrights movement for All

The Land Is Ours campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources 
and the decision making processes affecting them, for everyone - 
irrespecitive of race, age, or gender.

+44 (0)1865 722016
16B Cherwell St, OXFORD, OX4 1BG

check out our website at: <http://www.oneworld.org/tlio/>

or contact us at: <office at tlio.demon.co.uk>

TLIO are currently short on funds.  For a year's subscription for the 
newsletter (3 times a year), we are asking for £3 per annum.  Please make 
cheques payable to "The Land Is Ours". 

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