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>Monday  30th October 2000
>"The media will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and
>loving the people who are doing the oppressing"   Malcolm X
>i-Contact Video Network ( www.videonetwork.org ) will be holding an evening
>of  groovy grassroots activist films, on Monday 30th October, 8.oopm, at
>the Cube Cinema, Kings Square, Bristol.Admission rate pound 2 suggested,
>although no one will be turned away due to lack of funds ( please print
>this ).Members of this loose based collective will talk about the need
>for a credible alternative media in the West Country, and how anyone can
>join in.
>Programme includes :
>Revolting Prague - .i-Contact + Undercurrents join forces to expose the
>truth behind the S26  global day of action against the IMF.
>Prague Indy media centre film - short exerpts
>Pioneer rapists- Ashton court quarry protest film showing in memory of
>Tony Gosling talks on Organophosphates link to BSE, and his recent trip
>to Brussels, uncovering the murky world of the secretive Bilderberg group.
>Stonehenge 1999 + 2000
>Adbusters media foundation subverts + funki porcini subverts
>The latest campaign/direct action videos as they come in.
>On a bi-monthly basis i-Contact video network will be screening a series of
>short films about the blossoming grass roots activist scene.  Many people
>come to us with films for exhibition or distribution, which are widely
>ignored by the mainstream media.  We have found from experience that this
>works the best in an informal setting, where people can come and socialise,
>and to discuss what they have just seen, alongside the best in DJ¡¦ed
>soundz, audio cut-ups, visuals and guest campaign speakers¡K
>Notes for Editor:
>Established in 1997, Bristol based i-Contact is a non-profit making group
>producing and supporting video work that tackles the issues the mainstream
>media ignore. Through i-Contact those wishing to use video come together
>with those who will benefit from it. We are about respecting and reflecting
>the genuine concerns of communities and suggesting ways forward. i-Contact
>wants to make it as easy as possible for anybody to make programmes. We
>advocate genuine public access to TV and individual empowerment through a
>collaborative process.  i-Contact brings a fresh approach to media,
>communicating with, rather than at, people. By involving those who know
>about and are affected by the issues in the production process, people are
>brought together, skills are transferred and the media is demystified. We
>want anyone to feel able to use video to express his or her concerns and
>visions. Our aim is to exhibit the most current, and up to date films that
>we feel are relevant and newsworthy at the time.  Our programming schedule
>is constantly evolving.
>For further information contact Ian Ferguson,  07773-920284 or
>fergusonian at hotmail.com
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