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>Yes the details of the next big shenanigans to happen
>are hear hot of the modem.... so get out your pump,and
>fill your wheels get out your d-locks and find your
>whistles... the two wheeled people of sheffield are
>taking to the streets to say we don't want cheep
>petrol... we don't want petrol.... make the charges so
>high no one wull buy.
>In solidarity with demonstrations in the hague against
>the climate and emmissions confrence we will be
>chilling out crawl hour and helping people to not get
>out of their cars and shop around no shop day!!!!!
>Read the attached message below for more details.
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>A more critical mass in Sheffield
>What is is: a pedal powered procession, a demand for
>clean air and sustainable transport, a magical mystery
>tour, an alternative to global warming,
>a message to the Hague Conference on Climate Change-
>Cut CO2 emissions now!
>Two critical masses are planned.
>The first will coincide with the opening of the
>Monday 13th November 7.45am (that's an early start
>folks!) meet at Devonshire Green.
>Cycles essential
>and to coincide with the end:
>Saturday 25th November meet 12 noon Devonshire Green.
>People who can't ride bikes because they are playing
>instruments, juggling, doing acrobatics, pushing
>prams, wheel chair users, on skates or skateboards or
>dancing and also very welcome on this one.
>A leaflet/poster is available in Publisher format.
>Email for a copy.
>If you want to help make these events successful or
>for more info then please get in touch with
>criticalsheffield at yahoo.com
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