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>Subject: S.O.S. from Occupied Amerika ::: Call for Global Action!
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>Allies & Earthlings:::
>   Please pass this ALERT on to your people and politicians-- with Amerika 
> on the edge of a CIA/corporate coup, we are calling for a global UPRISING 
> against U.S. militarism and corruption.
>   One important point not to be dismissed-- the CIA has infiltrated most 
> of the major news sources in the U.S., such as CNN, so the polls and 
> other election coverage cannot be trusted. It appears Big Brother has 
> been positioning the uber-mensch "Junior" Bush as Commander in Chief, for 
> the CIA agenda, just like his CIA-Director Dad-- with all the Big Oil 
> companies, Drug lords, Argentinian Nazis, and World Bankers poised to 
> pull out all stops to total global domination.
>   We're asking the world community to help us stop these supremacists who 
> surround the Bush camp at this time... or be sorry later-- when the 
> fascism has come to your town, the mushroom clouds over your country, the 
> poisons and diseases to your children.
>   Amerika has been overthrown by organized criminals! This is not an 
> exaggeration... it is a matter of international law!
>   White Rose Resistance wants the world to realize that the Nuremburg 
> Trials were prematurely adjourned, and it is past time to re-convene and 
> put fascism back on trial!
>   Please help us kick these wicked warlords back to the millennium they 
> crawled out of::: the Holy Roman Empire!
>   For the Children's Future
>   White Rose Resistance HAWAI'I
>     earthaction at wildmail.com
>"We are the Tomorrow that is Harvested in the Past"
>The Corporate Overthrow of the United States of America in the 20th Century
>  "This is how the war machine operates. Behind the seeming concern for 
> national security are the busy men with the bulging briefcases hurrying 
> from the Pentagon over to Capitol Hill, the tight-mouthed men hurrying 
> from CIA headquarters over to the Pentagon; it is eventually a game. It 
> is an operation designed to produce for the warfare sector and its 
> military hardware supporters billions of dollars annually and unlimited 
> power in the affairs of the nation.
>  "Since the end of World War II, the United States has spent a thousand 
> billion dollars-one trillion dollars-furnished by the American people, 
> who have been colonized by these men and their hunger for power. Could 
> the CIA kill a President to keep such an operation going? Kings have been 
> beheaded for infinitely less."
>                                Jim Garrison,   A Heritage of Stone  (1970).
>    We live in a hostile, corrupted, cynical time on Planet Earth. No one 
> can deny that general assessment. However, when it comes to blind loyalty 
> and patriotic allegiance, it seems a critical mass of the citizens of 
> this military "Superpower" known as "America" are in complete denial, 
> leaving the rest of us stunned with disbelief.
>      The same nation which promotes the face of George Washington across 
> the planet-
>that "Worshipful Master" of the White House, slave-master, Indian 
>eradicator, Commander in Chief , surrogate King-  now allows the Capitol 
>named for Glorified George to represent them to the world, regardless of 
>the ugly, pestilent history under their feet, tucked away in their 
>piggy-banks.  Can cynicism be fatal? It seems in these times this has 
>become the preeminent global question, overshadowing all other matters 
>like a spreading mushroom cloud.
>   This report will present evidence that, due to critical flaws in the 
> Constitutional relationship of the U.S.military with the representatives 
> of the American people,  the constitutional government known as the 
> "United States of America" has been technically OVERTHROWN by a 
> multinational, corporate conspiracy, based primarily on white supremacist 
> values. Through the creation of a shadow government, under the guise of 
> "National Security" and the tutelage of Nazi and British spy-masters,  a 
> handful of families have turned a Constitutional  Democracy into a secret 
> military police-state.
>   This document will be presented before the World Court at The Hague, as 
> well as before the United Nations diplomatic community, in support of the 
> case of the Sovereign Hawaiian Nation, now occupied (and routinely 
> bombed) by the U.S. military-state, as well as on behalf of American 
> Indian Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier. While Nelson Mandela has been 
> released from his Apartheid prison, to become a leader of his nation, 
> Leonard Peltier is still being worked in a forced-labor, high-security 
> prison-camp, suffering many pains, denied a fair trial, "hidden away" by 
> the corporate media so that the majority of "good Amerikans" do not even 
> recognize his name. For Indigenous Peoples, the White House represents 
> something much more sinister than a stained blue dress-it is a giant 
> cowboy boot on the graves of our ancestors.
>   At the heart of this supremacist conspiracy we find characters who 
> remain prominent in the public arena today. Following George Bush and his 
> entire family,  the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, the Morgans and 
> Duponts-- we find tentacles creeping out from the U.S. National Security 
> State which affect every last child on Earth, choking off the flow of 
> possibilities to our children's future. From Big Steel to Big Oil to Big 
> Bombs, these World Bankers and their fraternity brothers have built a 
> gigantic warhead on which the entire world now lives. It is hoped that 
> this report will help to defuse the supremacist, sociopathic, 
> CIA-associated war machine before many millions more must die.
>   "We Are the Tomorrow that is Harvested in the Past" :
>     ***************************************
>    The Corporate Overthrow of the United States of America in the 20th 
> Century
>  The purpose of this report is to present supporting evidence before the 
> World Court, on behalf of the Sovereign Native Hawaiian Kingdom, against 
> the corporate-military coup which has been carried out via the CIA and 
> other secret agencies in the U.S.A.
>  The report will be submitted to the World Court at The Hague, the 
> regents of the Lawful Hawaiian Kingdom, and via the internet to the 
> diplomatic community of the world.
>I.  Introduction and Statement of Case
>II.  History of Conspiracy
>U.S. Constitution, Masonry and Manifest Destiny
>  European Colonialism and Military Imperialism
>  Industrial Revolution, Eugenics and International Banking
>III. Birth of the U.S. National Security State
>Nazi-Amerikan Connection
>The CIA and Secret Police
>War as a Substitute for Culture
>  From Vietnam to Armageddon
>IV.  World Bankers and Ecocide
> From Pharmaceuticals to Nuclear Bombs
>Population Control and Genocide
>Expansion of Corporate Culture
>Industrial Development and Monopolization
>  The TV Screen in Your Mind
>V.   Land of the Fat and Home of the Depraved
>  Hollywood and the Pentagon
>  Drug Dealing and the Bushes
>  Chemicals Coating Our Future
>  Nintendo Nightmares from the NSA
>VI.  Emerging Epidemics and BioWarfare
>  Nazi Doctors in the U.S.A
>  Final Solution Part 2
>  Gulf War Syndrome and Vaccines
>  Infecting the World for Big Brother
>Summary of Legal, Constitutional Violations
>Appeal on Behalf of Indigenous Peoples in the Military-Occupied 
>Territories Claimed by the U.S. "National Security" State
>VII.   Conclusion
>Full Report Forthcoming from ::: White Rose Resistance Hawai'i
>Military Involvement in Civilian Affairs is a Favored Practice of Dictators
>James Madison said that federal power "will be exercised principally on 
>external objects, as war." Since 1878, the Posse Comitatus Act has 
>severely limited the military's role in civilian law enforcement, in 
>keeping with the Founding Fathers' reservations about military involvement 
>in domestic affairs.
>As ACLU Legislative Counsel Gregory T. Nojeim explained to the 
>congressionally appointed National Commission on Terrorism, "This 
>prohibition is linked to our tradition of civilian control over the 
>military and to recognition of the dangers posed by setting the military 
>against our own citizens. It is also supported by many members of the 
>military who fear an erosion of popular support for the military if it is 
>turned against Americans."
>Now the commission recommends that the president consider placing the 
>military in charge of responding to acts of terrorism on U.S. soil, 
>despite ample evidence that involving the military in domestic affairs is 
>fraught with risks.
>The training and purpose of soldiers is vastly different from that of 
>police officers and federal agents, who must preserve law and order under 
>the Constitution. The military, in contrast, is designed to seek and 
>destroy its enemies. The commission would like to expand the role of our 
>armed forces to include ''cordoning off of areas, vehicle searches... and 
>sweep searches'' on our own soil in the event of domestic terrorism.
>As a recent USA Today editorial explained, the commission's idea "sounds 
>efficient, until you note that military involvement in civilian affairs is 
>a favored practice of dictators, such as Saddam Hussein or North Korea's 
>Kim Jong Il, who like the swiftness with which soldiers imprison and 
>repress civilians to keep order."
>A terrorist attack could never do as much damage to America as our 
>government could do by eroding constitutionally protected liberties. As a 
>Christian Science Monitor editorial said, "Vigilance against terrorism 
>can't be allowed to erode fundamental tenets of democracy and fairness... 
>The fight against terrorism has to proceed, but security concerns can't be 
>allowed to eclipse basic freedoms."
>Put the military in charge of domestic terrorism?
>  out of 12,477 votes :::  26% YES     74% NO
>   CNN has always maintained a very cozy relationship with the Pentagon. 
> Very cozy.
>   It turns out CNN allowed military propaganda specialists from the U.S. 
> Army 4th Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Group  to work in the news 
> division a CNN's Atlanta headquarters last year.
>   This was reported in the Dutch newspaper Trouw and the French magazine 
> Intelligence Newsletter in February. The story has been completely 
> ignored by the U.S. media with the exception of the newsletter 
> CounterPunch ( http://www.counterpunch.org )  and the website Emperor's 
> Clothes ( http://www.emperorsclothes.com ).
>   Dutch journalist Abe de Vries quoted Major Thomas Collins of the U.S. 
> Army Information Service as having confirmed the employment of Army 
> propaganda specialists, saying:
>  "Psy-ops personnel, soldiers and officers, have been working in CNN's 
> headquarters in Atlanta through our program, 'Training with Industry'. 
> They worked as regular employees of CNN. Concievably, they would have 
> worked on stories during the Kosovo war. They helped in the production of 
> news."
>   This intimate cooperation with CNN was hailed as a textbook example of 
> the kind of ties the U.S. Army wants to have with the media at a recent 
> closed-door symposium on "Special Operations" in Arlington, Virginia. The 
> symposium focused on the Kosovo experience and NATO's efforts to use more 
> subtle methods to regulate the flow of information.
>   The Psy-ops folks weren't completely satisfied and called for more 
> aggressive measures in spreading handpicked 'information', more control 
> over the Internet, control over commercial satellites, and greater 
> abilities to wage electronic warfare against disobedient media.
>   High ranking officers of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) 
> talked about bringing down "an informational cone of silence"-- 
> apparently a subtle reference to "taking out" media outlets such as the 
> bombing of the Serbian state television RTS in Belgrade which killed 
> fourteen people. A SOCOM official suggested NATO should have taken out 
> the independent Serbian radio station B-92 since their coverage did not 
> properly correspond with official NATO propaganda.
>   Thankfully, the Pentagon had CNN firmly on its side. It was loudly 
> applauded for dutifully serving as an obedient cheerleader and 
> propagandist in service of the State.
>   Alternative Press Review     $24/yr   POB 4710  Arlington, VA  22204-4710
>   MUTANEX note:  It only takes a couple of key operatives to carry out 
> such campaigns in corporate media.  Combined with infiltration of such 
> "Opinion Makers" as the Gallup Organization, and coercion tactics in Wall 
> Street, the Mass Media in Amerika can be nearly completely 
> corralled/leashed and the People herded toward the Fourth 
> Reich/Republikan/Rockefeller agenda.  "S.O.S." from Hawai'i!!!
>U.S. Army Special Operations Command
>Commander:  LTGen William P. Tangney
>Headquarters: Fort Bragg, N.C.
>Established:  Dec. 1, 1989
>Mission:  USASOC trains, equips, deploys and sustains Army 
>special-operations forces for worldwide special operations supporting 
>regional combatant commanders and country ambassadors.
>     During an eight-month period from October 1997 to May 1998, 21,326 
> USASOC soldiers deployed to 102 countries and conducted 3,151 missions 
> such as peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, demining and mine 
> awareness, and foreign internal defense.
>   Army SOF includes special forces, rangers, civil affairs, psychological 
> operations, special operations aviation, and signal and support.
>Training:  About 10,000 students train annually at the U.S. Army John F. 
>Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg in special forces, 
>CIVIL AFFAIRS and psychological operations. They also train in such other 
>important SOF skills as foreign languagees and regional studies.
>People:  25,950
>Civilians:  950
>Active Duty:  13,300
>National Guard:  3,400
>Army Reserve:  8,300
>SOLDIERS: The Soldiers Almanac   January 2000    (Army Recruiting Magazine)
>     Contact  SSG. Taylor V. Mao  Army Recruiter   6h5h at usarec.army.mil
>AVAILABLE from Amazon.com :::
>The Immaculate Deception : The Bush Crime Family Exposed 
>by Russell S. Bowen    Book Description This is perhaps the most shocking 
>book written this century about treason committed by the highest leaders 
>within the U.S. Government. This disturbing and thought provoking expose, 
>which few american know about, shows the truth about the drug running 
>activities in behalf of the "secret" government". You will learn about the 
>unsavory past of George Bush and his family, and well as the uncrupulous 
>activities in which he has been involved.
>About the Author General Bowen is a retired Brigadier General who position 
>with the Office of Security Services (OSS) and his drug running activities 
>in behalf of the government and who has courageously come foward with the 
>truth about his association.
>Getting Away With Treason , July 20, 2000 Reviewer: watzizname  from 
>Murfreesboro, Tennessee United States Smoke a joint, harming no one, and 
>you may spend years in jail, but betray your country, and get elected to 
>high office! Bowen exposes the criminal history of the Bush family, from 
>passing our military secrets to Nazi Germany during World War 2 to George 
>Bush's clandestine deal with Iran to delay the return of American hostages 
>until after the 1980 election. Like Hatfield's "Fortunate Son" and Ivins' 
>"Shrub," this is a must read.
>The Mafia, CIA and George Bush *************************************
>by Pete Brewton
>Synopsis An investigative reporter exposes President Bush's business ties 
>with the Mafia, detailing the crimes of Bush's sons, Jeb and Neil, Bush's 
>link to the BCCI scandal, and the CIA's involvement in disguising that 
>A Very Important Book , December 9, 1998 Reviewer: A reader from 
>Sacramento, CA This is one of the two most important books published in 
>this country this century. The other is "Dark Alliance" by Gary Webb. 
>Brewton is a journalist par excellence. He makes the goose-steppers at the 
>New York Times, LA Times and Washington Post look like the complacent 
>wimps they really are. Yes, Virginia, the S&L "crisis" was a $160 billion 
>ripoff by the mob, the CIA and George Bush and Sons. Read it and weep, 
>American Gulf War Veterans Association
>Dear Desert Storm Veteran and/or Supporter:
>Desert Storm/Shield veterans began getting sick almost immediately upon 
>returning from the Gulf War. Even more shocking is that many were sick who 
>did not even enter the field of operations.
>America, it is time to pursue accountability as it relates to the 
>Pentagon, Department of Defense and the V.A. system. The cold, hard truth 
>is that the U.S. Government is covering up the known use of biological and 
>chemical warfare that is not only contributing to their problem but may 
>very well be the primary cause of their disabling conditions and sometimes 
>Five years has elapsed since approximately 1,000,000 of our best men and 
>women served in Operation Desert Storm and Shield: following orders and 
>serving to defend America's best interests. The horrible secret is out of 
>America's worst atrocity, our servicemen and women were exposed to deadly 
>chemical and germ warfare and the illnesses and deaths are being withheld 
>from the American people.
>America, you deserve to be incensed to know this information was released 
>on the floor of the Senate and your Senators heard this evidence and you 
>weren't told! Why didn't mainstream news media tell you this? Not only is 
>the health of our veterans at stake but your family is also at risk.
>We can address the problem now or address it in the future. The illness is 
>here. It is devastating and it is an outbreak! We will continue to speak 
>for the veterans. We will not be silent. For God and Country,
>Joyce Riley, R.N., BSN
>Captain (USAF)
>For additional information or copies of this video, contact:
>American Gulf War Veterans Association P.O. Box 85 Versailles, Missouri 
>65084 1-(800)-231-7631 http://www.gulfwarvets.com
>Beware Contaminated Vaccines
>   "He was a lonely ghost uttering a truth that nobody could ever hear. 
> But so long as he uttered it, in some obscure way the continuity was not 
> broken. It was by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage."
>       George Orwell,  "1984"
>  "In this country we embrace the myth that we are still
>a democracy when we know that we are not a democracy,
>that we are not free, that the government does not serve us but subjugates 
>us. Although we give lip service to the notion of freedom, we know the 
>government is no longer the servant of the people, but, at last, has 
>become the people's master."
>  Gerry Spence  "From Freedom To Slavery"
>   "American democracy is in much deeper trouble than most people wish to 
> acknowledge. Behind the reassuring facade, the regular elections
>and so forth, the substantive meaning of self-government has been hollowed 
>out. What exists behind the formal shell is a systemic breakdown of the 
>shared civic values we call democracy."
>        William Greider   "Who Will Tell The People?"
>Visit Our Online Bookstore!!!
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