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>>In the Czech capital Prague on September 26 the World
>>Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
>>will meet to discuss what plans they have for global
>>society. Under the guise of aid and development, they
>>will discuss and conspire how best to mortgage the
>>Earths future. Apart from a forum with reformist
>>NGOs, the talks and decisions will take place behind
>>closed doors. However, tens of thousands of activists
>>will descend on Prague, intent on stopping the summit
>>and resisting the further spread of neoliberalism.
>>Before the guns even fell silent, the real victors of
>>World War II had already begun the global takeover of
>>Hitlers wet dreams. Meeting in Bretton Woods USA, the
>>elite of the planets financiers devised a couple of
>>institutions capable of inflicting their vision of a
>>global economy dominated by the richest, selectest
>>few, on the rest of the worlds nations.
>>Not unlike the schoolyard smack dealers Tony Blair
>>constantly shakes in our faces, the IMF and The World
>>Bank (WB) set about a demand-creation strategy
>>concerning southern hemisphere countries into a
>>position where they would borrow vast sums of foreign
>>capital for projects they neither needed nor could
>>Agreements securing these loans are made in secret
>>between the IMF and a handful of often unelected,
>>unaccountable government officials  who more often
>>than not secure a tidy personal payout for accepting
>>the loans.
>>Once locked into an inescapable cycle of debt
>>repayment and further borrowing the IMF and WB kindly
>>move in to solve the problem theyve created. Indebted
>>nations are forced to sign up to Structural Adjustment
>>packages of economic and political reform.
>>The reforms channel more of the countrys resources
>>into debt repayment while simultaneously jemmying open
>>their economies to global big business. Small scale
>>domestic production is discarded, import and export
>>tariffs are lifted in favour of an international trade
>>dependent system. Unions are suppressed and subsidies
>>are given to foreign companies to set up business.
>>Environmental, health and education protection all go
>>out the window.
>>Over 3 million people are currently displaced from
>>their homes and lands by WB funded projects. Forests
>>are felled and fisheries polluted all in the quest for
>>fast returns. When the bills come, people are told
>>their social services and wages have to be cut to make
>>repayments. Speaking to ASW in April, economist David
>>Korten said: Between them, the WB and IMF have
>>undoubtedly caused more harm to more people than any
>>other non-military organisations in human history.
>>By the Banks and Funds own calculations less than a
>>third of the projects they fund are successful. The
>>banks directors are more concerned with securing
>>lucrative contracts for the companies they are
>>beholden to, than creating any real development
>>Like the WTO, the reality behind the spin of the WB
>>and IMF becomes clear (just look at the 500 million
>>it cost for the G8 jolly in Okinowa). The writing on
>>the wall is economic imperialism, social injustice and
>>environmental degradation. Countries are stripped bare
>>of resources and left to rot with their bones
>>bleaching in the sun, while the megalomanical machine
>>of global capitalism plunders on.
>>On September 26 these two institutions will meet in
>>Prague. This is likely to be the last opportunity that
>>people in Europe will have to show the capitalist
>>elite what they think of their community destroying,
>>child starving, land polluting, livelihood eradicating
>>system. Along with the FBI, the Prague authorities are
>>shoring up a plan to make this meeting happen  this
>>includes the temporary eviction of 30,000 people, the
>>isolation of major chunks of the city and the
>>arbitrary arrest and detention of known Czech
>>However, the dragon of social revolution that awoke in
>>Chiapas on January 1st 1994, the leaderless,
>>justice-hungry, beast that reared up on the streets of
>>London, Cologne, DC and Seattle, is more than a match
>>for whatever they plan to throw at us. As well as
>>encouraging decentralised actions across the planet on
>>September 26  from strikes to blockades, to the
>>formation of community councils  anti-capitalists,
>>and anyone genuinely concerned about social justice,
>>from all over Europe and North America are heading to
>>Prague to take the meetings out.
>>The global capitalist elite cannot afford another
>>significant defeat on the scale of Seattle. These are
>>make or break times for the planet and its
>>inhabitants. They are also crazy days for global
>>resistance. People are organising from the South West
>>to go to Prague and to take action here at home. The
>>need for action is paramount, and referring to the
>>black civil rights movement, Martin Luther King said
>>something that equally applies to the situation today:
>>History will record that the greatest tragedy of this
>>period of social transition was not the strident
>>clamour of the bad people, but the appaling silence of
>>the good people. In short. You either stand up
>>against this thing now, or you let it trample your
>>grandchildren to death.
>>Somersets lethal Hinkley A nuclear plant has been
>>shut down permanently  five years earlier than
>>planned  following safety fears. It comes as a new
>>study shows a massive cancer cluster affecting local
>>ffi Stop Hinkley (see Contacts)
>>Gloucestershires Beaufort Hunt (Prince Charles
>>animal abusers of choice) has been videoed  rearing
>>the very foxes they claim are a verminous plague.
>>Its a perfect instance of what any self-regulation
>>might mean in practice, a Bath sab told Action SW.
>>The Hunts internal inquiry laughably concluded such
>>[man-made] earths were maintained for orphaned fox
>>ffi Bath Sabs (see Contacts)
>>Nine of 48 farmscale GM trials have been trashed in a
>>flurry of genetics actions over June/July - including
>>three in the SW.
>>Covert actions in Kempley and Chipping Camden (both
>>Gloucestershire) saw well over half each crop
>>destroyed with no arrests, whilst a public event at
>>Over Compton, Dorset, saw Grim Reapers scythe down
>>15% of the crop, with seven arrests.
>>ffi SURGE (see Contacts)
>>Bristol activists favourite multinational bastards
>>Rio Tinto (formerly RTZ - see WCA16) have clubbed
>>together with 13 other earth-trashing megacorps -
>>including Sierra Leone diamond war profiteers/asbestos
>>miners  De Beers) - in a $200bn online metals and
>>mining co-op.
>>Itll enhance speed, efficiency and cost
>>competitiveness, claims RT boss Leigh Clifford. And I
>>think you know what that means
>>Local magazine Venue has been bought by Bristol United
>>Press - publishers of to-the-right-of-Hitler local rag
>>the Evening Post (see ASW18). The Daily Mail & General
>>Trust, which owns BUP, now controls 40% of the Wests
>>newspapers and is one of the biggest players in
>>commercial radio (owning local stations Eagle FM and
>>GWR). Media monopoly? What media monopoly?
>>Activists marked Bastille Day on 14 July - called by
>>CAGE as a day of protest against prisons and
>>prisonbuilding - with a demo outside Bristol
>>University calling on political prisoners like Satpal
>>Ram to be released.
>>ffi CAGE 0766 916 7489
>>Coordinated actions against biopiracy  in solidarity
>>with the Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico  took place on
>>Monday 3rd July, as news of the Mexican  presidential
>>elections filtered through to Britain.
>>The presidential elections saw the end of the
>>seventy-year reign of the ridiculously named
>>Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) by the
>>right-wing PAN. PANs leader-cum-president is none
>>other than ex-Cokehead Senior Fox (as in CEO of Coca
>>Cola in Mexico rather than that naughty white powder)
>>who said he would resolve the Chiapas situation in a
>>matter of minutes, if elected.
>>In response, quick off the mark activists visited
>>the Maidenhead headquarters and a Welsh research lab
>>of British-based gene-robbers Molecular Nature Ltd.
>>The company are part of the Maya International
>>Cooperative Biodiversity Groups which seeks to provide
>>samples for use by pharmaceutical, agrichemical and
>>other industries for the discovery of valuable new
>>products. The activists dressed in full pirate
>>regalia delivered letters to key staff and
>>shareholders, and the gardens of company directors
>>were investigated for symbolic samples to send to
>>People from all around the world are opposed to
>>patents on all forms of life, said one activist. We
>>want to send a strong message to the people of Chiapas
>>and local communities everywhere that they have our
>>support and we will not stand by as corporations from
>>our countries disrupt their cultures and way of life,
>>stealing resources for profit that have always been
>>freely shared.
>>The project is a robbery of traditional indigenous
>>knowledge and resources, with the whole purpose of
>>producing pharmaceuticals that will not benefit the
>>communities that have nurtured these resources for
>>thousands of years, said Sebastian Luna, an
>>indigenous spokesman for the Council of Indigenous
>>Traditional Midwives and Healers.
>>Letters were also presented to the Mexican Ambassador
>>to the UK, and the Mexican Consulate calling for an
>>end to military activity against the indigenous
>>population of  Chiapas.
>>ffi: www.rafi.org
>>Solidarity groups in Bristol have started a series of
>>fund raising ventures with the aim of providing money
>>for a number of water projects in Zapatista villages
>>in Chiapas, Mexico.
>>The first of these, the club night Ya Basta!, took
>>place at the end of May at the Thekla in Bristol.
>>Reprazents DJ Suv and Stevie Bear of Ninja Tunes fame
>>provided the tunes and some 700 was raised which will
>>go towards providing a working running water system
>>for two villages in Chiapas. The group hope that they
>>will be able to meet their target of 3,000 by the end
>>of the summer.
>>Also contributing was Bristols own street art
>>renegade, the infamous Banksy. The man, whose name is
>>plastered all over Bristol, was kind enough to provide
>>the decor and painted an exclusive work which the
>>group are hoping to auction off.
>>Many of the clubs organisers are from the Easton
>>Cowboys Football team. The Sunday League side made
>>history last year by becoming the first Western club
>>to go out and tour the autonomous zones of Chiapas.
>>Since their return Belgium team The Lunatics have
>>followed their example to become the second to take
>>part in a solidarity tour. A forty-minute documentary
>>film  made of this second trip was screened at
>>Bristols Cube Cinema in July as part of an evening of
>>films devoted to the Zapatista struggle.
>>The film night also launched The Zapatistas - A Rough
>>Guide, written by a group of British activists who
>>travelled to the autonomous communities in Chiapas.
>>The book provides a well-thought out perspective on
>>the Zapatistas struggle and on the nature of
>>Zapatismo itself. Its full of personal accounts and
>>testimonies of indigenous people and campamentistas,
>>as well as of practical tips on how to get out to the
>>Zapatista communities. All the money raised from the
>>book will be sent to Chiapas to fund projects in the
>>Price: 5 ISBN: 0-907367-99-2. Mail order available
>>from Greenleaf. Also available on the web at
>>The image of global food giants Nestle took another
>>bashing as campaigners protested against the companys
>>involvement in @Bristol - the citys 97 million
>>millennium development on 6th July.
>>People gathered at the official opening of
>>Explore at Bristol to give out information about Nestles
>>infamous track record concerning the marketing of milk
>>substitutes  an industry which according to the World
>>Health Organisation (WHO) kills 1.5 million infants
>>every year. Nestle operates 40 per cent of that market
>>and has been condemned by the World Health Assembly,
>>UNICEF, the United Nations and a whole host of other
>>organisations, for its consistent flouting of WHO
>>codes of practice.
>>However @Bristol  - which has stated its focus on
>>education and sustainability - has  accepted 350,000
>>from Nestle and in return has granted the company  a
>>cafe, food concessions and a place as a key player in
>>the Food and Flavour Laboratory due to open in
>>September. This conflict between the public relations
>>exercises of @Bristol and the reality of where the
>>money comes from seems hypocritical to the
>>campaigners. @Bristol properly said they wouldnt
>>take money from the tobacco industry, said Mike
>>Sansom coordinator of African Initiatives  an African
>>social justice agency in Bristol  which is
>>spearheading the Nestle at Bristol.con campaign. But
>>they will take money from Nestle. The only reason that
>>that can be is that Nestle predominantly effects black
>>babies in the Third World, whereas smoking effects
>>people in Britain. So maybe its that they really
>>dont give a damn about babies in the Third World.
>>Were also calling on people to boycott all Nestle
>>products and especially the Cafe Nescafe here
>>@Bristol, continued Sansom. We have to make sure
>>that its not financially viable for them to operate
>>ffi: African Initiatives 0117 9150001 email:
>>african.initiatives at gn.apc.org. Baby Milk Action 01223
>>464420 www.babymilkaction.org
>>US invade Colombia
>>Colombia, which has seen a large portion of its
>>territory become self-governed by Marxist guerrillas
>>FARC, is bracing itself for American intervention in
>>its civil war.
>>On the pretext of waging a drugs war against
>>narcoterrorists the US has been pumping nearly $300m
>>into Colombias military  - propping up a neoliberal
>>government and insuring American influence. Congress
>>is currently considering a $1.7bn military aid
>>package, including direct use of US troops and
>>spraying herbicide over Colombia. The Colombian army
>>(many of whose officers were taught torture techniques
>>and the principles of pacification in the USs
>>notorious School of the Americas) is cheerfully
>>allowing - and assisting -  right-wing paramilitaries
>>to wreak terror in the villages, murdering civilians.
>>The paramilitaries rarely engage FARC forces.
>>The proposer of the military aid package is Drug
>>Czar General Barry McCaffrey, for whom the best way
>>to stem drug abuse in America is not treatment
>>programmes or addressing alienation but instead
>>invasion, chemical warfare and assisting right-wing
>>death squads.
>>Colombia has 40% unemployment and is suffering under
>>austerity programmes demanded by the IMF and World
>>Bank. In 1998 death squads committed 3,832 political
>>Chad oil line
>>The British government is joining with the World Bank
>>and US oil giants Exxon Mobil in forcing a massive oil
>>pipeline across Chad and Cameroon.
>>The WB are lending the private project $365m, despite
>>serious environmental concerns and the fact local
>>tribes will be evicted from ancient rainforest along
>>the route. It mirrors Shells involvement in Ogoniland
>>and Oxy in Colombia [see ASW18], which both saw
>>massive military/paramilitary might backing
>>transnational corporations in lucrative but
>>ecologically suicidal oil drilling projects.
>>Local opposition has been intimidated and there are
>>fears for human rights following brutality associated
>>with the Exxon consortiums oilfields in neighbouring
>>Anti-capitalists targeting Germanys Expo 2000 as a
>>celebration of capitalism sabotaged the highspeed
>>Hamburg-Hannover railway by throwing grappling hooks
>>into overhead cables, causing travel chaos. A note
>>near the scene read Expo No.
>>Gen. Barry McCaffrey - now Americas Drug Czar - has
>>been accused of war crimes for ordering his troops to
>>fire on retreating Iraqi soldiers two days after the
>>end of the 1991 Gulf War. An undisclosed number of
>>soldiers, women and children were killed, and 700
>>vehicles destroyed.
>>Amidst allegations that Perus incumbent President
>>Alberto Fujimoro - running for an unprecedented third
>>office - had commited vast electoral fraud prior to
>>elections in late May, protesters assaulted the
>>Presidential palace and set fire to a balcony before
>>Police dispersed them with teargas.
>>Bristol activists helped prevent the deportation of a
>>Kurdish asylum-seeker earlier this month by hijacking
>>Gatwick airport following an urgent appeal for help.
>>Activists gathered at Gatwick in  the early hours of
>>Friday 21 July in anticipation of Amanj Gafors forced
>>expulsion from Britain, and began noisily disrupting
>>the airports normal routine, whilst one protester
>>was booked on the British Airways flight Amanj was
>>expected to be boarding.  .
>>A petition was taken round passengers awaiting their
>>flights, and once told what was to happen to Amanj
>>many eagerly signed. Meanwhile unfurled banners
>>proclaiming Stop The Deportation Now and British
>>Airways = Collaborators instantly attracted the wrath
>>of airport staff and Police, who tried to herd the
>>activists out, creating a scene which even the most
>>jetlagged air miles collector couldnt not notice.
>>Eventually, with the flight scheduled to leave, the
>>protesters were called by the support group who told
>>them Amanjs deportation had been postponed. At this
>>the banners were folded away and the group moved off
>>to Tinsley House, the adjoining privately-run
>>detention centre where Amanj was being held.
>>The group eventually managed to get in to see Amanj,
>>who was very happy to hear of how they had helped
>>prevent his deportation, but concerned for the future
>>and fearful of being deported back to Iraq, where his
>>father had been killed for spreading left-wing ideas.
>>He is currently awaiting a decision on whether he will
>>be deported.
>>The action followed a similar deportation protest at
>>Heathrow the week before, where direct action
>>prevented Zairean refugee Salim Rambo from being
>>expelled. It went ahead despite a phone call from a
>>local councillor the night before to activists busily
>>co-ordinating the protest claiming the Home Office had
>>rung them to say the deportation had been called off
>>because they were aware of a planned huge protest in
>>the airport. This suggests despite the trouble the
>>internet snooping Regulation of Investigatory Powers
>>(RIP) Bill may be having in Parliament, the spooks
>>will tap phones, bug houses and intercept emails
>>ffi: Bristol Defend Asylum Seekers Campaign 0771 475
>>7984 <bdasc at hotmail.com>
>>Animal rights activists - including  a caveman bearing
>>the slogan Its 2000AD not BC - stop wearing fur -
>>blockaded Britains biggest fur farm in May to mark
>>the Second Reading of the Fur Bill.
>>Around fifteen demonstrators picketed Woodview Farm in
>>North Devon protesting at the misery caused by the fur
>>trade. Woodview killed and pelted over 40% of all mink
>>farmed in the UK last year - thats 70,000 out of
>>It was amusing to see the massive Police turn-out for
>>our presence, with riot vans, communications vehicle,
>>fences erected at the entrance and a lot of cops
>>within the farm, plus the usual information
>>gatherers, recalls activist Debbie. It was the same
>>Police presence as for other demos which have seen
>>many more protesters.
>>However, Devon and Cornwall Constabularys finest
>>couldnt prevent one intrepid protester gaining access
>>to the shed and remaining undetected for nearly half
>>an hour whilst two others discussed the ethics of fur
>>farming with Woodview owner Michael Cobbledick.
>>There were no arrests.
>>ffi North Devon Animal Defence (see Contacts)
>>In response to the growing destruction of Genetically
>>modified crops in Britain,  DiY media group
>>Undercurrents will release a video, Stop the Crop
>>which documents  a series of actions against
>>genetically  modified pollution.
>>Undercurrents recorded the daylight destruction of a
>>GM maize test sight in Over Compton, Dorset, on July
>>16. On July 26th activists in Wivenhoe in Essex
>>destroyed a crop of maize from the Aventis
>>corporation. There have also been reports of
>>destruction of another GM rape seed crop in Gloucester
>>on  the samenight.
>>Professor Chris Pollock said "Numbers of trials are
>>low and damage affecting the ability to collect data
>>will affect the total information pool. Scientists
>>need 60-75 sites over a three year trial to assess
>>There have now been seven direct actions against GM
>>farm scale trials in this growing season, all of which
>>took place in July.
>>An online video of the largest British mass direct
>>action against GM rapeseed can be watched online at
>>ffi: Undercurrents (see contacts)
>>Trolley Theatre is an arts organisation tackling
>>environmental and social issues. Their first project,
>>Mrs Mops Medicine Show, toured community farms with
>>2-week eco-arts residencies, telling the story of GMOs
>>through the eyes of a horrified dinner lady. July saw
>>their Superseed show take over Bristols Corn Street
>>with much prop-based mayhem and interaction around the
>>theme of genetically modified wonder-foods. They run
>>workshops in performance and visual arts, and also
>>tour as The Blipverts, a street show with doo-wop
>>promotional girlies from the golden age of guilt-free
>>ffi :Trolley Theatre (see Contacts)
>>Bristol ACTSA is the local branch of Action for
>>Southern Africa, and is currently busying itself with
>>the Cape case. Cape plc (parent company: De Beers) is
>>a UK-based company which until 1979 mined asbestos in
>>Apartheid-era South Africa. Workers  were given no
>>protective clothing, and thousands are now afflicted
>>with asbestosis. Cape now faces massive damage in a
>>court case brought by ex-employees, though it still
>>refuses to acknowledge its culpability, doing the
>>corporate shuffle and claiming it has discharged its
>>ffi: Bristol ACTSA, c/o Dave Spurgeon, 86 St
>>Werburghs Park, Bristol BS2 9YU 0117 954 2443,
>>Radio buccaneers, Interference FM launches its website
>>later this month. Expect loads of information and
>>practical tips on free radio. Plus audio interviews
>>with Mark Thomas, Rob Newman and others. Watch out for
>>the live webcasts.
>>ffi: www.radiointerference.net
>>North Devon Animal Defence have set up a website to
>>provide information and to network local animal rights
>>For all your furry freedom needs, log on at
>>A mystery activist took on the twin evils of cars and
>>corporate media during a vintage car show at Bristols
>>Ashton Court in June, sources inform ActionSW.
>>This one man war against capitalism is said to have
>>committed acts of economic sabotage against several
>>dealership stands before stabbing tyres on the Evening
>>Posts promotional vintage van and then cutting down a
>>banner for the reactionary rag.
>>When a member of the public asked what he was doing he
>>is reported to have replied: Im sorry, but the
>>Posts really right-wing that I feel that I have to do
>>something about it, to which the punter said, Oh,
>>thats okay then, and walked off.
>>Send your nominations for Loose Cannon to: ASW, Box
>>80, 82 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BB - and dont
>>incriminate the nominee!
>>28th: Kebele free party - feat. Ephraim Sound System
>>(dub), Enjoyment Service & Kebelian Force of Sounds;
>>Black Swan, Stapleton Rd, Bristol
>>29th: Kebele free party - as above feat. Carnage Sound
>>System (techno)
>>1st: TP2000  action against Trident at Faslane,
>>Scotland. Contact Ploughshares.
>>7th: Die-In for the People of Iraq - to mark ten years
>>of sanctions and the deaths of 100,000s; meet 12 noon,
>>Trafalgar Square, London; ffi Voices in the Wilderness
>>UK, 16b Cherwell Street, Oxford OX4 1BG 01865 243232
>>die-in at viwuk.freeserve.co.uk
>>25th-27th: Free The Spirit - free festival hosted by
>>Exodus Collective in Luton; ffi 01582 508936
>>16th: Open day at Abbey Wood! - Europes biggest
>>office complex (98acres) housing the MOD Weapons
>>Procurement Executive in north Bristol opens its
>>doors on National Heritage Day; ffi 0117 913 0668 from
>>1st August
>>26th-28th: S26 Global Day of Action Against IMF &
>>World Bank - see article
>>14th: Bath RTS. Meet 12 noon at The Circu, Bath.
>>Greenleaf boxes:
>>c/o 82 Colston ST,
>>Bristol, BS2 8QD
>>Groups & Campaigns
>>Bath Earth First!; PO Box 426, Bath BA1 2ZD 01249
>>Bath GE Group; 01225 447323
>>Bath Hunt Sabs; PO Box 426, Bath BA1 2ZD 01225 312688
>>Bristol Anti-Fascist Action; c/o AFA, BM 1734, London
>>WC1N 3XX
>>Bristol Benefits Action Group;Box 77, Greenleaf
>><bbag11 at hotmail.com>
>>Bristol Free Tibet Group; 24 Sydenham Road, Cotham,
>>Bristol BS6 SJ <sd7134 at bristol.ac.uk>
>>Chiapaslink; Box 79, Greenleaf
>>Cornwall Hunt Sabs; PO Box 8, Newquay, Cornwall 01736
>>Dorset GEN; The Old Library, East Street, Bridgport,
>>Dorset 01308 482548
>>Earth Circus Network; CREATE Centre, Smeaton Road,
>>Exeter Left; PO Box 185, Exeter, EX4 4EW
>>Glastonbury GE Group; 01458 834787
>>Gloucester Animal Rights;
>>Kebele Kulture Projekt; 14 Robertson Road, Eastville,
>>Bristol BS5 0117 939 9469
>><kebele at marsbard.com>
>>North Devon Animal Defence;  c/o 63-64 Boutport
>>Street, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 0QB 01271 830842
>>OPM Support Group; c/o 43 Gardner Street, Brighton BN1
>><opmsg at eco-action.org>
>>Plymouth Anti-Fur Campaign; PO Box 180, Plymouth PL4
>>Plymouth Hunt Sabs; PO Box 129, Plymouth PL1 1RY
>>RAGE (Radstock Against Genetic Engineering); 01761
>>Set Up For Life (campaign to free Gary Mills and Tony
>>Poole); PO Box 4739, Birmingham B11 1LG 0121 246 0703
>>or c/o Kebele
>>Solidarity Through Active Resistance (STAR); PO Box
>>19, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 2YP
>>Somerset ABC/GEN; c/o PO Box 478, Taunton TA2 7YR
>>SAGE (Somerset Against Genetic Engineering); 01373
>>S.Devon Earth First!; Totnes Community Office,
>>Birdwood House, 44 High Street, Totnes, Devon
>>S.Dorset Anti-Bloodsports; PO Box 1119, Dorchester DT1
>>S.W. Solidarity (Solidarity Federation); Box 43,
>>Stop Hinkley; Jim Duffy, Rydon Lodge, West
>>Quantoxhead, Taunton TA4 4DW
>>SURGE (Southern Union Against Genetic Engineering);
>>01749 860689 <smilesw at easynet.co.uk>
>>SWARM (regional joint actions); c/o WCA Network, Box
>>80, Greenleaf
>><wca99 at hotmail.com>
>>Torquay Hunt Sabs; 01803 299509
>>Totnes Genetics Group; PO Box 77, Totnes TQ9 5ZJ 01803
>>840098 <info at togg.freeserve.co.uk>
>>Alternative Media
>>Bristle (Bristol activist zine);
>>Box 25, Greenleaf  www.bristle.co.uk/
>><bristol at bristle.co.uk>
>>Do Or Die (EF! journal); c/o Prior House, 6 Tilbury
>>Place, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 2GY
>>Earth First! Action Update (EF! bulletin); PO Box ITA,
>>Newcastle NE99 1TA
>>i-Contact (alternative video network); 0117 914 0188
>><i-contact at gifford.co.uk>
>>Indymedia (grassroots reports);
>>Interference (radical radio group); Box 6, Greenleaf
>><interference_fm at hotmail.com>
>>Kernow FIN (Cornish info sheet); Box FIN, Bread, Bread
>>Street, Penzance, Cornwall
>>LOFT (anarcho-library); PO Box 19, Penzance TR18 01735
>>331236 <loft33 at btinternet.com>
>>London FIN (Stonehenge campaign news); c/o 99 Torriano
>>Avenue, London N1
>>Squall (webzine & Download paper copy); PO Box 8959,
>>London N19 5HW www.squall.co.uk
>>Subvertise (activist image archive);
>>Trolley Theatre (performance activism); Box 64,
>>Greenleaf 0117 939 3903 / 07050 649297
>><trolleytheatre at bigfoot.com>
>>Urban 75 (underground news site); www.urban75.com
>>BS1 5BB
>>Tel: 07931 268966
>>Email: actionsouthwest at yahoo.co.uk
>>   newsletter of the West Country Activist Network
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The Land Is Ours
... A Landrights movement for All

The Land Is Ours campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources 
and the decision making processes affecting them, for everyone - 
irrespecitive of race, age, or gender.

+44 (0)1865 722016
16B Cherwell St, OXFORD, OX4 1BG

check out our website at: <http://www.oneworld.org/tlio/>

or contact us at: <office at tlio.demon.co.uk>

TLIO are currently short on funds.  For a year's subscription for the 
newsletter (3 times a year), we are asking for £3 per annum.  Please make 
cheques payable to "The Land Is Ours". 

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