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Hands on Training Weekend for activists and local communities involved in d=
evelopment disputes, with special emphasis on public inquiries.
Date: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December 2001,
At: FoE Warehouse Birmingham.

The event is about participation, a hands on experience, to enable those at=
tending to better understand the processes involved in development disputes =
of all kinds, and to network.  Far too many developments are allowed because=
 local communities do not have the knowledge or experience to object in a me=
aningful way. CfPS is about redressing the imbalance in the system, by provi=
ding the tools and advice needed by those most affected by adverse developme=
nts and we hope that these workshops will go some way in helping us fulfil t=
hat goal.
Provisional Agenda
Saturday  -Campaign Training
9.55am - 10.05am 	 Introduction
10.05am - 11am - 	Media Strategies
etc  etc  etc   

Fee : £30.00 / day or £50.00 for the weekend (not including meals or accomm=
If you will have difficulty in paying the fee please get in touch with CfPS=
 and we will try to accommodate your situation.
CfPS is a non profit making organisation and the above fees are calculated =
to cover costs.  None of the speakers will be receiving a fee however their =
expenses need to be covered.  If there is any profit made then those funds w=
ill be used to stage further training workshops.
These workshops are intended to give an overview, the time available will n=
ot allow in-depth training, however should the event prove to be popular, th=
en we shall hold a series of specific topic training days, as well as quarte=
rly general weekends. The weekend should enable most activists to grasp the =
fundamentals of a range of topics associated with most campaigns that relate=
 to planning, especially those involved in phone masts.
PLACES MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE: There are a limited number of spaces, and=
 some of these places have already been booked. Please confirm your booking =
by filling in the attached booking form or by writing to CfPS. Though people=
 are invited to attend single days and the workshops they are interested in,=
 to gain the full benefit of the event, attendance on both days is recommend=
ed. Please include payment with your booking form, cheques should be made pa=
yable to CfPS.  In order to maximise attendance please advise early if you n=
eed to cancel your booking.

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