Planning Green Paper Fight Back

Tony Gosling tony at
Wed Dec 19 13:36:49 GMT 2001

As many of you will be aware the government has announced stunning changes
to the planning system in the Planning Green Paper, the proposals include
allowing High Tech Industrial Units to be built with NO planning
permission, a reduction in the rights of ordinary people to participate in
the planning system in the name of speeding up decisions, and of course
allowing parliament rather than public inquiries decide major
infrastructure projects.

We are now gathering support, representations on the Green Paper need to be
in by March 27th, so we are consulting all interested groups and
individuals. We are holding a meeting on the 9th February in London (venue
to be announced). We have also set up two mailing list one public, one
private for activists. A temporary WEB site is being hosted on the CfPS
site until something more substantive can be set up:


Open Forum Mailing List

Activists Mailing List

Link Planning Green Paper

CfPS initial response

If you are, or have ever been involved in any planning dispute or campaign
then you will know the importance to local communities and the environment.
Please get involved.

Chris Maile
Campaign for Planning Sanity -
Local community support for adverse planning & development applications

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