Diggers anniversary - April 1st

The Land Is Ours office at tlio.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 21 00:28:39 GMT 2001

A low key get-together is planned for April 1st (a sunday), likely to 
involve a tour of part of the route of the proposed Digger trail (which 
links together sites of historic significance to the Diggers, starting with 
the place where the Diggers Commemorative stone now resides). Meeting point 
on the day is likely to be Weybridge Station. Will get back to everyone in 
the near future and keep you all posted to confirm details of time, meeting 
place ..etc.

Since you're wondering, with things abit delicate down there still (with 
making sure the trail gets completed), we're postponing having a big 
celebration until August, when the trail is due to be opened.

fun & merriment
crew of the tlio core-group enterprise
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 > is there a date to visit the diggers stone,
 > 1st of april??
 > please send dates to me,
 > im compiling a datelists
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