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Renewable Energy Course announcement:


Renewable Energy Course at the Department of Continuing Education,
University of Aberystwyth, Mid-Wales.

The course will give an overview of the potential of renewable energy. It
will outline the basic principles of small-scale wind power, solar
electricity and microhydro-power and the application of these technologies
for homes, businesses and farms.

The course is aimed at those who wish to get a comprehensive introduction
to renewable energy electrical technology in general, as well as those
wishing to installing renewable energy systems in either an urban or rural
setting. It can also  be a gateway to further activities.

The emphasis will be on what it is practicable to do, and participants will
have the opportunity to develop their own projects.

Course themes:
Introduction to Energy Use
Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies
Slide show : Renewable Energy Technologies
Electricity, AC and DC
Power & Energy
Project design
Electricity from the Sun - the technology
Electricity from the Sun - the resource
Electricity from Wind - the technology
Electricity from Wind - the resource
Electricity from Water - the technology
Electricity from Water - the resource
Small system design
Small system sizing

Course dates:
The course is spread over 3 full days
Saturday 3 February
Saturday 24 February
Saturday 17 March

Those interested in attending the course should contact me in advance for
further details.

Frank Jackson

Cwm Llinau
Powys SY20 9NU
Wales, United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 (0)1650 511 378
Mobile: 0780 386 0003
Email: dragonrg at
Electricity from Sun, Wind & Water
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