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Saturday, January 27 2001, Canolfan Bro Tegid, Bala and Tryweryn, nr Bala 
in North Wales
The day of the Rally, January 27, is highly significant, as it is 40 years 
to the day since the last train to Capel Celyn ran. Capel Celyn was a 
village drowned under the waters of the Tryweryn Dam, built in North Wales 
in the 1960s. Cllr Dylan Edwards, who will speak at the Rally, comes from 
one of the families which was thrown out of their homes when the area was 
drowned (see below for more information).
Now the British Government is considering giving $200 million to Balfour 
Beatty to build the Ilisu Dam in South East Turkey. The dam will drown a 
historic Kurdish heartland, and affect up to 78,000 people. It is Tryweryn 
on a massive scale. We need to support the Kurds. We must stop the Ilisu Dam.

An information session will be held from 10.30 to 12.30am, at the Canolfan 
Bro Tegid, in Bala. Speakers include :
. Elfyn Llwyd (Plaid Cymru MP for Meirionydd Nant Conwy),
. Kate Geary (Ilisu Dam Campaign),
. Ali Manaz (Kurdish journalist, Kurdistan National Congress),
. Gwyn Siôn Ifan (Chair - Cymdeithas yr Iaith).

The Rally will begin at 1pm, on the banks of Llyn Celyn which
contains the flooded village of Capel Celyn and surrounding areas.

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