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>From: "Eri Nakajima" <eri.nakajima at linacre.oxford.ac.uk>
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>Subject: land taxation
>Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 08:38:42 -0000
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>Dear The land is ours
>I am writing you to ask about land taxation and your activities.
>I work for Japan Ministry of Environment and now am studying in Oxford 
>University temporary.
>I found your campaign in your website and find very interesting and 
>I myself have been involved environmental land use policy when I was in 
>Japan and found verious kinds of problems in Japan land use policy 
>concerning environmental protection.
>Above all, land taxation system in Japan leads to destruction of 
>environment. Many forests and mountains are owned by private land owner 
>and inheritence tax for forests and mountains are so high, many inheritors 
>can not help selling inherited land which are converted int o
>develpment land. Many NGO and environmentalist have pointed out this 
>problems for long time and tried to find out sollution but no improvement 
>has been implemented so far.and There are other related issues concerning 
>taxation system
>I myself try to find out new approach to combat this problems and would 
>like to know UK or other countries' tax system of farms and forests land.
>Therefore I would be grateful if you suggest appropriate reading or 
>publication concerning land taxation system or conservation system for 
>tackling delopment pressure.
>I now live in Oxford and would like to visit your office to find out your 
>campaign more and discuss Japanese problems.
>I am usually free in the morning this January and February, so I would be 
>appriciated if you tell me the possibility of my visit and your 
>convenience date.
>Sincerely yours
>Always happy and enviornmentally friendly!
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