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Yes ... but on a more optimistic note it was the "New Approach to Appraisal"
(NATA) which looks for measures that go beyond GDP which helped Mr Byers
refuse the Hastings By-pass. NATA means that assessment of a proposal - such
as Hastings b/p must be considered in relation to economy, environment,
safety, interaction (of the proposal's different impacts) and accessibility.
It was the fact that Byers did not believe the bypass scored on the last of
these because it wouldn't help people in two areas of deprivation in
Hastings that led to his refuting the Regional assembly's case. The problem
for the Regional assembly, who were keen on the by-pass, was that their
decision to support had to be made prior to the announcement of the results
of the consultant's Multi-Modal Study for that area which was less than
supportive of the by-pass.

Correct me on details but it is more complicated than it looks and our
government may have done good here.


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> On Monday 16 July 2001 11:51 am, you wrote:
> > Just as a short response to this issue: don't think these changes are =
> > simply proposals which may happen in the future.  In some sense, they =
> > have already happened, by way of the changes introduced by the 2000 =
> > Rules for public inquiries introduced by the possibly little known =
> > Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 1624.=20
> I've been following this issue since it was first proposed in late 1997.
> people want it they can have copies of articles I've written on this over
> past few years.
> Yes the changes to inquiry procedures were the original proposal -- but
> is something totally new, not in Labour's manifesto, that seeks to changes
> the basis of consultation as part of the whole planning system... ergo far
> more serious than just public inquiries.

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