TRAFFIC_REDUCTION: Re Observer: Fast track for planning laws

Paul Mobbs mobbsey at
Mon Jul 16 21:20:45 BST 2001

On Monday 16 July 2001 11:51 am, you wrote:
> Just as a short response to this issue: don't think these changes are =
> simply proposals which may happen in the future.  In some sense, they =
> have already happened, by way of the changes introduced by the 2000 =
> Rules for public inquiries introduced by the possibly little known =
> Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 1624.=20

I've been following this issue since it was first proposed in late 1997. If 
people want it they can have copies of articles I've written on this over the 
past few years.

Yes the changes to inquiry procedures were the original proposal -- but this 
is something totally new, not in Labour's manifesto, that seeks to changes 
the basis of consultation as part of the whole planning system... ergo far 
more serious than just public inquiries.


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