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>Dear Friend,
>The Ilisu Dam Campaign is calling a Day of Action on March 14th,
>to demand the withdrawal of UK involvement in the Ilisu dam
>project, a human rights disaster in the making.
>- In LONDON, the Ilisu Dam Campaign and Friends of the Earth will
>be launching a new report, based on a fact-finding mission to the
>Ilisu area. We'll be presenting the report to Balfour Beatty at its
>headquarters: 130 Wilton Street, near Victoria rail station, London
>SW1 at 11AM ON WEDNESDAY MARCH 14TH. Please bring
>banners, placards, or just yourselves! Please call Hannah on 0207
>5661666 or Kate on 01865 200550 if you are planning to come.
>- In SHEFFIELD, local campaigners from a variety of other groups
>will be holding a demonstration in the town centre at 5PM ON
>MARCH 14TH. Meet at the new Town Hall, which is being built by
>Balfour Beatty. Call Phil Turner on 01142 670706 for more details.
>- In YOUR LOCAL AREA: if you can't make it to London or
>Sheffield, why not mark the Day of Action in your local area? Here
>are just some suggestions: hold a stall and get people to sign
>campaign postcards; write to your local MP and local newspaper
>about the dam; write to your local council and ask them if they
>award contracts to Balfour Beatty and whether they are aware of
>the company's participation in the Ilisu dam; find out if there is a
>Balfour Beatty site near you and hold a peaceful demonstration
>there: the aim would be to engage with workers to build support for
>their company's withdrawal from Ilisu. You can find details of
>Balfour Beatty sites on their web-site:
>With your support, we will send a clear message to the UK
>government and Balfour Beatty - the company that wants to build
>the dam - that we don't want our tax money supporting a project
>that will:
>- affect up to 78,000 people, the majority of them Kurds, in an area
>where human rights abuses remain widespread;
>- cause cultural desecration, flooding the ancient town of
>Hasankeyf, a place of pilgrimage and centre of Kurdish culture;
>- threaten water wars, as together with other planned dams, Ilisu
>wil disrupt downstream flows of the river Tigris to Syria and Iraq.
>The government has announced that it will make its decision on
>whether to back the dam with a $200 million export credit
>guarantee based on two studies, on environment and resettlement.
>We now know that the environment study is finished, and the
>resettlement plan is nearing completion - so a decision could be
>imminent. It is all the more important in the run-up to the General
>Election to demonstrate our concern and to hold the government to
>its promise of an ethical foreign policy.
>Many thanks for your support
>Kate Geary
>Ilisu Dam Campaign
>Box 210
>266 Banbury Rd
>Oxford OX2 7DL
>email: ilisu at
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