Foot & mouth and globalisation

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>> "Foot and mouth disease and globalisation"
"This is the text of an email I sent to the PM programme on BBC
radio 4.  They accept letters, and this is a good way of getting
globalisation into the media.  Their email address is pm at
fax number 020 8624 9744, and postal address PM Programme, Television
Centre, Wood Lane, Shepherds Bush, London W12 7RJ2.

"Globalisation has made a major contribution to the latest crisis to hit
our farming industry.  The disease is of a strain found in Asia and
there are suspicions that it originally arose in a pig farm in
Northumberland from swill derived from illegally imported meat.  The
failed proposals to launch a new round of comprehensive trade
liberalisation negotiations in Seattle at
the end of 1999 included a proposal for 'trade facilitation' which would
focus on removing 'bureaucratic' health and environmental regulations
enforced at borders. As the foot and mouth epidemic has proved, we need
more of these checks not fewer.  
A new round of trade negotiations could be launched at the Qatar WTO
Ministerial meeting in November, and trade facilitation could well be on
the agenda again."

held a press conference on Thursday, 8 March 1 p.m.
During the press conference, the Greens/European Free Alliance presented
their proposals for a reduction and regulation of animal transports in
the European Union.  

Excessive animal transport, largely due to globalisation, contributes to
foot and mouth disease in two ways - by moving around infected animals,
and also causing them stress which weakens their immune system and makes
them more
susceptible to disease.


Globalise Resistance are a very active group opposing globalisation.  

Contact Globalise Resistance if they would like to be put on their
mailing list.  The email address to write to is: office at  
I am forwarding separately their latest email so that you can see the
sort of thing they send out.

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