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Hello people!

To celebrate the 19th anniversary of Faslane Peace Camp were having a week 
of workshops and actions and other groovy stuff, from 1-10th June.

So far, it looks like we will have workshops on banner making, costume 
making, tai chi, herbal medicine, fire-chain making and fire-dancing, 
drumming, silk-screening/screen printing, massage, wind power, tree 
climbing, gardening stuff, sub watching, how to climb over fences into the 
base, education for sustainable communities, radical routes and housing 
co-ops. and anything else youd like to offer!  Where possible, things that 
have been learnt in the workshops can be practised as part of an anti 
trident action- like if people have just got into fire dancing, they can go 
and do a fire show outside the gates of the base, etc.

During the week we also want to do a beach and road verge clean up locally, 
and take a group to the local Community Farm for a days volunteering.

Friday evening (8thJune) will be a wind powered film night, with anti- 
nuclear and direct action films etc. Saturday (9thJune) will be an acoustic 
party at the camp- bring instruments- and were planning a loud Rage against 
the Base party at the South Gate of HMNB Clyde.(so well all be able to hear 
each other talk at the camp.)

Anyhow, if youd like more flyers to distribute and/or posters, or could do 
a workshop on anything youre in to, or whatever, give us a ring on 01436 
820901.  You can e-mail us on faslania at faslanepeacecamp.org or 
faslanepeacecamp at hotmail.com, but phoning is better because we dont have a 
computer at the camp yet. (anyone got a spare laptop?)

Hope to see you all at the camp  people are welcome to arrive before the 
1st June to, err, join in with the Faslane Naval Base 100th birthday 
celebrationsthere are boat tours of all the visiting submarines, and coach 
tours of the base.there is a Trade Fair taking place inside the base  on 31 
May&1June to finance their 100th birthday bash, with such companies as 
Lockheed Martin , BAE Systems, Rolls Royce Marine Power and other nasties 
and Princess Anne is paying a visit. Should be interesting anyway.

The next Faslane Fokus is in the pipeline, due to be out straight after the 
action week with all the juicy gossip of the weeks happenings and our other 
news, so if you really cant make it youll hear about it pretty soon.

Okay, time to go, love and peace from all at Faslane Peace Camp

Faslane Peace Camp
Nr. Helensburgh
G84 8NT
Tel.01436 820901
faslania at faslanepeacecamp.org

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