Good news for anti-gm campaigners: Visa 1 charges dropped

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Tue Nov 6 12:40:46 GMT 2001

Bad news...
Almost a year after a field of GM oilseed rape was 80% destroyed covertly, police arrested the owner of a credit card found on the field (doh!!). He was charged with over £17,000 of criminal damage.

Good news...
In yet another blow to the biotech nasties, the charges were dropped the day before the Visa 1 was due in court. 

After a spate of victories in the court room (and in the fields!), the CPS seem unwilling to prosecute people caught destroying GM trials, this the latest in a run of dropped charges.

For a list of damaged and destroyed GM trials in the UK last year, contact GEN.
"My first little book of GM crop decontamination" is also available, including top tips on how not to get caught!

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