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>Subject: This may be of interest to some diggers?
>A fantastic volunteering opportunity
>I am writing to you on behalf of the Edinburgh Cyrenian Organic Farm.  We 
>are currently recruiting volunteers to work on our farm.  This fantastic 
>opportunity is as mutually beneficial for the volunteers as it is for our 
>What we ask of our volunteers is that they come to the farm on a regular 
>basis, preferably at least one day per week.  There is plenty of scope for 
>the volunteer(s) to pursue/develop a personal interest. At the same time 
>we are happy to provide training and supervision for those who are seeking 
>experience in a broad range of organic farming skills.
>The farm has 8 acres of land.  Two rare breed pigs and 7 piglets, Angora 
>goats, Shetland sheep, free range hens, and 3 cows.  The farm has been 
>organically managed for years but is currently being converted to meet 
>SOPA organic standards.  We are planning to develop a wildlife pond with 
>some tree planting; we would also like to create a wild flower 
>meadow.  Some of these projects however are still in the early planning stages.
>The Farm is run by Edinburgh Cyrenian Trust, an independent local charity, 
>working with and for homeless people, established in 1968.  We aim to 
>create and operate services, facilities and opportunities for 
>disadvantaged people offering effective and lasting routes out of 
>homelessness and promoting social inclusion.
>The Cyrenian farm vision
>The Cyrenian farm is a creative, safe, therapeutic environment where 
>vulnerable young adults learn and develop through the facilitated activity 
>of living and working with others, tending crops, caring for animals, and 
>developing transferable skills, with freedom and support to access 
>positive opportunities that will further achievement of their ambitions.
>I work as a full time volunteer and live in the community alongside our 
>residents.  Volunteering with the Cyrenians is very rewarding as I really 
>enjoy the company of the residents finding ways to help the rest of the 
>community out in any way that I can. This is a very satisfying experience.
>  I also really enjoy working in the herb garden, which has become a 
> personal project of mine  but there is still plenty to be done and I 
> would welcome help.
>If you are interested in volunteering at the farm, or would like more 
>information please dont hesitate to contact Linda Birnie at the farm 
>office on 0131 333 5202, or fax 0131 333 1392.  Alternatively call the 
>community no. 0131 333 4913.  We can be contacted by e-mail at 
>cyrenianfarm at beeb.net or please feel free to look at our website at 
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