Re Nationalism: Poison for the Working Class

Jan Pole anticapitalist2 at
Fri Apr 12 00:30:02 BST 2002

Hi Mark & all

<<    Meanwhile back on Planet Earth.....>>


<<The expressions "ivory tower mentality" & "pissing-in-the-wind" come 
to mind!
Try telling a Palestinian that they don't have a right to their own
national status & the right to protect their borders from violent
incursion by Sharon's and his fascist compatriots!>>

I'm afraid that the only people who are pissing in the wind are those 
who think there is a solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict that is 
based on national lines.

Nationalist ideologies are dividing workers everywhere... and in the
Palestine/Israel region of our world especaially. Quite simply, Jewish 
and Arab workers are killing each other in their masters' interests. 

Working class people have no country. We own NOTHING. All nation states
are merely the expression of ruling/owning class interests. 

A Palestinian state would continue to exploit the working class in the
interests of the rich as much as any other state. Working class people
have no material interest in any state. As workers our material
interest can only be furthered through CLASS WAR against all
representatives of the ruling class, irrespective of
"nationality" (an artificial, bourgeois notion if ever there was one).
Who's borders?? 

Who dare set borders in our world? We, the workers, are united by class
interest across the globe. This is OUR world which we should demand be
our common heritage.

The only solution - here and elsewhere - is CLASS unity. However 
difficult that may seem, this is the only option for working class

Nationalism (of every sort) is bourgeois poison.

<<OK, I don't totally dismiss you. Anarchist cooperative self
determination. OK, but it can only ever be achieved if devolved but
still subject to some kind of state assembley-central governance -
across the world on a national-by-national basis.>>

What is a nation?? How on earth can anarchism have anything to do with
statism?? The state is the institution of class rule, pure and simple.



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