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Hello there, this is a call out to all radical, anti-fascist, anti-racist football fans, players, teams to come & participate in: 

MAYDAY IN MAYFAIR - a demonstration-with-a-difference 
This year we're holding a festive & carnivalesque day of action in London's poshest area consisting of 4 distinct elements - 'The Travelling Circus',' Wake for Capitalism', 'Critical Mass Bike Ride' & 'Carniball', to give people an opportunity to express themselves & keep active, involved & having a good time. This is your invitation to take part in the Carniball side of things. Football fans & anti-capitalists have always shared a common currency - from the corporate take-over of the game (escalating ticket prices, the Phoenix proposal, bankruptcy of smaller clubs), to the demonisation by press/police as 'hooligans' & 'out to cause trouble', even as far as using the same legislation (s60, banning orders preventing fans travelling abroad etc) to regulate & control our behaviour. Football fans have always been at the forefront when it comes to the state dishing out oppressive measures & generally treating people like shit.
And as money & big business now seeks to dominate & define every aspect of our lives we're left excluded, with no voice, no choice & no alternative. The idea of Carniball then is to have a massive game of football on the over-privileged streets of Mayfair to give voice to our collective anger at how greed & self-interest is destroying the beautiful game & more importantly how the government & capitalism is treating the very lifeblood of the game (ordinary people, the fans themselves). For too long they've been taking the piss - out of our loyalty, lack of objections, lack of dissent, & getting away with it. MAY 1st then is a perfect opportunity for us to get together, have a bit of a kick about (in the grand 'jumpers for goalposts' tradition) & score an unprecedented victory on the away team's turf (always a good feeling!). Organise your own team for Mayfair or join in the massive collective football match of Carniball. Bring footies, inflatables, chants, pies (for half-time) & a sense of fun. Kick-off 1pm.
See ya there!!!
The Mayday Collective
PS - We're holding a public meeting MONDAY APRIL 15th for everyone who wants to get involved, discuss tactics (we favour 4-4-2 without a sweeper) & have a drink. E-mail carniball at for details & more info or call the Mayday Phone on 07786 716 335. 
Check the website: for MAYDAY IN MAYFAIR events.

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