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We are currently trying to build up support for a solidarity action on Wednesday May 1st, during the trial of the "WOMBLE 7". The following is the text of a leaflet TACT is distributing, which explains the background of this action. 

We are hoping to get as many people as possible to gather outside Horseferry Road Magistrates Court at 9.00 a.m to show solidarity with the WOMBLE 7 and to show the State that we will not be intimidated by the harassment of anti-Capitalists (we are asking people that whatever else they do on MayDay, please do this first).

We think its so important that the WOMBLE 7 do not stand alone that it doesn't matter whether or not you agree with their particular politics or tactics - when the State tries to crush dissent in this way, the attack is directed at all who oppose them, and then we are all WOMBLES.

Please publicise and support this peaceful solidarity action if you can. Copies of this leaflet can be downloaded for distribution from http://www.temporary.org.uk. TACT can provide speakers for meetings if this would help to encourage people to come along. If you need any further information or would like to discuss this issue further, please email us.

In solidarity
Jim Bradley
for TACT1


As soon as they first hit the headlines in the press hysteria before MayDay 2001, the W.O.M.B.L.E.S. have been relentlessly harassed by the police. Falsely portrayed in the media as violent criminals out for trouble, their only crime is to stand up for themselves  in a culture where the police look more like robocops in their stab-proof vests and NATO helmets, the WOMBLES are attacked because they have white overalls on and cushions stuffed up their jumpers!

Criminalising dissent:

Since the anti-Capitalist movement has grown big enough to scare the politicians, and especially since September 11th, a campaign of intimidation has begun. All across Europe activists have been detained and harassed. The State is trying to criminalise dissent, using new laws and ruthlessly enforcing old laws. Surveillance and information are being exchanged throughout Europe: peaceful protestors are being designated "pre-terrorists".

Their only crime is to rock the boat!

The police were scared of the WOMBLES before they had even carried out any actions  they were scared of the very idea the WOMBLES represented. Before MayDay WOMBLES were visited at their homes, followed and photographed. Since then individuals have been repeatedly arrested, charged and assaulted - sometimes purely for wearing white overalls. Activists have been singled out in crowds and referred to by name during these arrests.

naughty or nice?

The WOMBLES are being targetted as part of a strategy to divide the anti-Capitalist movement  the police want to decide what's naughty and what's nice, they want the power to draw a line : which protest is allowed and which is not. It must NOT be up to the police to decide how we can protest. We cannot let them criminalise dissent or decide how we can protest. On April 29th, as a finale to this campaign of intimidation, a week-long show trial begins. A trial of seven WOMBLE activists attacked and arrested last Halloween night. The HALLOWEEN 7 trial is an attempt to crush a group of people who tried to stand up for themselves against the bullies in blue. The WOMBLES should not have to fight this trial alone  when the State tries to criminalise dissent then WE ARE ALL WOMBLES!

Please join a huge show of solidarity outside Horseferry Road Magistrates Court, London SW1 on May 1st at 0900. Wear white overalls if you can (but NOT padding) or a white armband to show your solidarity. Whatever else you do on MayDay please do this first. Don't let the WOMBLES fight alone.

For more details check out: http://www.wombles.org.uk or http://www.temporary.org.uk
or email sevensupport at temporary.org.uk

TACT - Temporary Anti-Capitalist Teams


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