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06 August 2002

Grow your own media lab

"Grow Your Own Media Lab" - Tech_2 is a touring arts project, coming to the 
Folly gallery in Lancaster. Artists and technical experts will work 
collaboratively at the gallery and visitors will be able to do their own 

Between 16 August and 13 September, Tech_2 will turn the gallery and office 
space at Folly into a workshop in which different artist and community groups 
will work on recycled computers to build "media labs" that will later be used 
by the public. The residency is called "Grow Your Own Media Lab", and will 
also include some teaching and learning sessions.

The introductory session is on Saturday 17 August at 2pm.

While the artist groups are in residence, anybody is welcome to come to the 
gallery, make use of the research materials there, see the "linux" free 
operating system in action and even bring an old computer themselves to work 
on with the benefit of the resources and collective knowledge that will be in 
the gallery.

Tech_2 also incorporates a 3 day course on "small renewable energy systems" - 
how to use solar or wind power to run our resources in cases where no other 
power is available.

Lisa Haskel is the organizer of the project in collaboration with Folly and 
the artist groups. She says: "We're doing this because we believe that a bit 
of knowledge can lead to more self-sufficiency and means of self-expression. 
Lots of people know how to make web pages, videos and music with their 
computers now. That's great, but there's a whole area, about how the Internet 
works, how to publish and distribute your own stuff, that many people know 
less about. What a lot of people also don't know is a lot of what you need is 
based on software that is free, and that can run on relatively old computers, 
and that you can even publish from your own broadband connection at home. 
We're here to spread that knowledge a bit, and hook up with local groups who 
are into some of the same things as us".

The gallery is open 12noon to 4pm, from Saturday 17th August to Monday 26 
August, and from Saturday 31 August, there are talks each Saturday during the 
residency at 2pm.

You can get more information from the Tech2 website at or via email info at

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