Smash the Toffs

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Fri Aug 23 01:48:57 BST 2002


You may be aware that the so-called ‘Countryside March’ is due to take place 
in London on September 22nd.  A group of us are planning a response to this 
invasion of the land snatchers in the form of a piece of direct action aimed 
at one of the Countryside Alliance’s prime movers.  We intend to move onto 
his estate on the same day he and his toff chums are stomping through 
London.  Once there, we will establish an autonomous community in the spirit 
of Winstanley and the Diggers.
As well as providing the politically appropriate moment to make such a 
gesture, the occasion of the march gives us a unique window of opportunity; 
i.e., while the toffs and their army of vassals, gamekeepers and 
forelock-tuggers are away, we can play!
We had initially assumed that we were the only ones to have this brilliant 
idea.  It now seems that we were somewhat misguided in this conceit.  
Without being specific, it has come to our notice that other activist groups 
have also decided to take advantage of the enemy’s absence by organising a 
number of independent actions aimed at reoccupying our stolen common 
Anyway, all of this has got us thinking and here’s our latest brilliant 
idea: why not take the May-Day Monopoly concept and apply it to the entire 
country?  Multiple independent actions carried out in a variety of locations 
across the country by unconnected affinity groups are likely to be easier 
and far more effective than they ever were within the heavily policed 
confines of London.  The vast (and empty) acres of the countryside on Sept 
22nd will provide a fertile environment for autonomous action.  So if you 
really want to stop the Alliance, don’t go to London to yah-boo them, 
they’ll be expecting that and they’ll have their police to protect them 
anyway; no, get out into the countryside and hit them where it really hurts 
–in their own back yard!  If you’re not already involved in something, why 
not get together with your friends and form your own local action group?  
After all, you’re not likely to have to travel very far. A huge percentage 
of the UK is still ‘owned’ by these parasites, there’s bound to be some of 
them near you.
When planning your demo it is imperative that you avoid falling into the 
trap of making a generalised attack on the countryside and country folk.  To 
do so would be to do the Alliance’s work for them.  Their whole strategy is 
based on maximising the division between town and country and thus obscuring 
their real objectives (the maintenance of privilege and land enclosure) by 
mixing and confusing them with other issues over which many ordinary country 
dwellers feel real and justified anger.  Rather, your action should be aimed 
at highlighting how the class interests of this minority are opposed to the 
rest of society. Regardless of whether you’re a farm labourer or an urban 
factory worker, you have nothing in common with someone who is a millionaire 
because his ancestors stole his wealth and position for him for him.  Small 
farmers are struggling because of the monopolistic practices of 
supermarkets, the concentration of subsidies into large farms and the 
imposition of vile systems of animal husbandry that have led to the 
catastrophes we are all familiar with.  Such people don’t have common 
interests with the toff who takes the rent.  The breaking of this false 
alliance should be should be the main thrust of our action and should inform 
everything we do.

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