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> Colchester Radical Collective
> Colchester Radical Centre
> 87 East Hill,
> Colchester.
> Tel: 0798 6654 583
> Dear All,
> Hi. As you may know, a bunch of us have taken over a huge complex of
> buildings in central Colchester, Essex. We are setting up a social centre,
> cafe nights, music, kids space, discussions and more!
> We have been in these are beautifull old buildings, which are grade 11
> for a few weeks. They have been left empty for years by Capita Insurance
> Services, big friends of New Labours Private Finance Initiative (PFI).
> corporation want to turn them into posh flats, demolish out-buildings, and
> capitalise on the prime building land. But they have been unable to get
> planning permission for this! - Presumably cos their plan is shit!
> So the buildings have been left empty! Until we came along...We have won
> support of neighbours and passers by by painting, decorating, gardening,
> tidying up - making the place look warm and loved, a place for the
> With Capita Insurance's negligence they had been an eyesore, sad and
> Now Capita Insurance are taking us to court this Friday for an interim
> possession order, but we hope to challenge them in court cos they've got
> facts wrong. Friday 23rd Aug. 9.30am Colchester County Court, Southway.
> Come along for a visit soon and support us. 'Happy John' from the Dairy
says it
> is very pleasant in Colchester at this time of year! Would a bunch of you
> over and help out? You would be very welcome! And there is loads of spare
> rooms! A room each! It big enough to be a free squat hotel!
> Also, pass this message on to the LARC at Deptford. We hope to still be in
> building on Bank Holiday Monday, and be a part of the Colchester Free
> which is around the corner (literally). Come over for fun and frolics!
> Getting Here from London. It's easy - just up the road!:
> Train - London Liverpool St to Colchester North. (Phone for directions
> station) This only takes about 50 minutes.
> If you get a ticket for Anglia Trains only, this is much cheaper - about
> return.
> National Express Coach. £ 7.75 Single. £8.25 Day Return. £12.50 Period
> Takes you to Colchester Bus Station, which is virtually opposite the
> Cenre squat on East Hill.
> London Victoria Coach Station: 11.30am 4.00pm 7.00pm
> London Stratford Bus Station Stop C 12.05am 4.35pm 7.35pm
> Colchester Bus Station 1.45pm 6.15pm 9.05pm
> Cheers, Look forward to seeing you,
> From Larry and the Colchester Radical Collective.

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