Union solidarity/Boycott Israeli Goods

msbrown at cwcom.net msbrown at cwcom.net
Wed Feb 13 03:58:23 GMT 2002

Message below courtesy of our fellow-travellers - Globalise Resistance - 
(despite what the anarchist press says) 
[by-the-way, excellent cross-Union meeting last night at Friends' House - the 
battle lines are clearly drawn and the talk is of solidarity networks - that's 
the ideology of the Direct Action Solidarity Federation and not any top-down 
left-wing hierachy politics].

Boycott Israeli Goods 

Israel has duty-free access to the European Union, and abuses this to export 
goods produced in occupied Arab territories, including in illegal Jewish 
settlements. This is despite the fact that Israel has recently bombed 
EU-funded projects in Palestine like Gaza port and airport. Jaffa oranges 
are an example of an Israeli product. Also, vegetarians should watch out for 
Tivali meat substitutes, and people who eat organic should be observant 
about fresh fruit and vegetables (Tesco organic tomatoes, for example). Also 
underwear from Israel might be on sale in Marks &Spencer. Apart from the 
illegal occupation of Arab land, Israel last year demolished Palestinian 
farmland for "security " reasons. 


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