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The Oxford branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign held a successful
picket of Tesco's in Cowley Road last Saturday 9th February. This was part
of the ongoing BIG Campaign (Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign) organised by
the PSC nationally. We had a stall, banner and a large Palestinian flag
outside and we gave out loads of leaflets to people entering the store,
asking them to boycott Israeli products inside. We got a good reaction from
people going in  one man said the leaflet was a revelation for him, that
without seeing it he would have spent £5 on the Israeli products listed on
it. Even the store's shift manager was sympathetic, explaining that he
can't decide what is stocked, but giving us the address of Tesco's head
office to write to!

See below for details of the next picket.


The current situation for Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank
and Gaza is appalling.
Hundreds of acres of Palestinian farmland have been bulldozed, and the
movement of Palestinians is restricted. Not only has the Palestinian
economy been affected, but also social services. Many Palestinian women
have given birth at Israeli military blockades, the Palestine Monitor
claims, and 30 Palestinians have died after being denied access to medical
care. Last month the Israeli army destroyed over 50 homes in the already
impoverished Palestinian Refugee Camp of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, in
"retaliation" for a Hamas attack the previous day. Over 500 people were
left homeless, 300 of them children, in the middle of winter.

The situation in parts of the Occupied Territories is akin to the apartheid
era in South Africa. 1.1 million Palestinians live in two-thirds of  the
Gaza Strip, while 6000 illegal Israeli settlers occupy the remaining third,
with control of the underground water sources. According to The Guardian,
in the Jewish settlements there are bungalows and swimming pools, and
well-watered land, whereas in Palestinian Khan Younis a population of
200,000 people do not have a sewage system. Whether you live in the comfort
zone or in deprivation zone doesn't depend on you observing the law, or on
you being a hard worker. It depends on your race. Nothing else. And in May
2001, an operation began in Israel to create Jewish-only beaches. Life
under the brutal racist Government of Ariel Sharon..

But whereas apartheid in South Africa was opposed by the international
community, the USA gives over $3 billion a year to Israel, making the rogue
state the number one beneficiary of its aid.  And the British Government
has decided to declare Israel a "market target" and allocate £1 million  of
our money  for the promotion of trade between the two countries. It isn't
surprising that the Palestinians sometimes feel isolated. But the BIG
Campaign is international news One message received from the Occupied
Territories says "This solidarity gives us strength.Please continue your
activity: it is greatly valued by people in Palestine and we send our
greetings to you."

Boycotting Israeli goods does not mean we are "anti-Israeli".  In fact,
many Israelis are protesting too. This month over 300 Israelis defied the
ban against travel to Palestinian Authority controlled areas to express
solidarity with the Palestinians. They ended up having stun grenades fired
at them by Israeli soldiers. Meanwhile 90 Rabbis have replanted a small
number of the 30,000 Palestinian olive trees  essential for their economy -
uprooted by Israeli soldiers.


As part of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign's national Day of Boycott,
there will be another picket of Tesco's in the Cowley Road this Saturday
16th Feb. between 12 and 2. Don't just get angry, get active! You'll feel
better afterwards!! For more general details contact the PSC on 020 7700
6192, or at www.palestinecampaign.org

In the meantime.


If you are thinking of buying flowers on Valentines Day, ask the florist
where the flowers come from. Flowers are one of Israel's biggest export

(Please circulate this information as much as possible.)

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