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In view of the recent Zimbabwe posting of the list, in an effort to 
sustain good e-mail etiquette and keep each list on subject, may I 
suggest that if you want to receive and share more international 
landrights stuff (plus alot more besides), you can subscribe to our 
other e-mail group (which gets loads more traffic than Diggers350), 
which is:  Legacyofcolonialism at

To subscribe, either visit:
send an email to: LegacyofColonialism-subscribe at


You are cordially invited you to join an e-mail forum dedicated to 
sharing information and perspectives around neocolonialism and 
solutions to it's economic and political manifestations, as well as 
uniting crimes against humanity around the world within this regard. 
Please pass on this information and the following summary 
introduction to your friends and colleagues:

Legacy of Colonialism
a discussion forum & a platform uniting campaigns opposing colonial 
and neocolonial crimes against humanity. 

How can genuine self-determination - whether that be indigenous 
groups or civil society - be sought in the face of corporate 
domination and neocolonial economic and political subjugation - the 
logical conclusion to a legacy of colonialism. 

The Land Is Ours, Peace & Human Rights Trust & the IMF/World Bank 
Wanted for Fraud Campaign (all of whom are primarily based in the 
UK), who are the key partners subscribing to the main ideas behind 
this forum, seek to encourage an exploration of deeper underlying 
factors in the world economy which prevent genuine self determination 
from happening, such as the economic fraud of global institutions and 
the debt-based money system. The objective is to raise the issues of:
- firstly, overhauling the monetary and financial capitalist system 
as it stands;
- secondly, recognising that Third World debt is a fraud by virtue of 
the fact that money creation within the banking system is itself a 
fraudulent process spiralling out of control, and that in any case,  
debt cancellation should be married to the moral imperative of 
reparation for the crimes of slavery & colonialism and it's legacy - 
a world economy dominated by the unregulated plunder of international 
shareholder capital;
- & thirdly, providing compensation for self-determination on the 
widest possible scale and gearing trade policy in favour of local 

The e-mail discussion group (LegacyofColonialism at is 
now up & running, on which subscribers from around the world are 
sharing information and perspectives. The aim of this forum is to 
form a network between activists, researchers, NGO's, environmental 
groups & grassroots development workers. 

If you wish to either subscribe to this e-group, browse previous 
messages which have been sent out on the Forum's list, or to see the 
latest postings, please visit: 

IMF & World Bank! 
Wanted for fraud! 
"Between 1503 and 1660, 185,000 kilos of gold and 16m kilos of silver 
were shipped from Latin America to Europe. The Native American leader 
Guaicaipuro Cuautemoc argues that his people should see this transfer 
not as a war crime, but as the 'first of several friendly loans, 
granted by America for Europe's development'. Were they to charge 
compound interest on this loan, levied at the modest rate of 10%, 
Europe would owe the indigenous people of Latin America a stack of 
gold and silver which exceeded the weight of the planet ...3rd world 
debt is a fraud ...The 'debt' is no more than a measurement of the 
banking system's magical generation of money". 
George Monbiot (UK author, journalist & activist). 

"IMF & World Bank: Wanted for Fraud Campaign!", expressing the idea 
that debt is no more than a  measurement of the banking system's 
magical generation of money. 
Contact: (ALISC), PO Box 21266, London W9-3YR 
e-mail: nkexplo at

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