Tesco waste

Brendan Boal b_m_boal at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 1 23:55:19 GMT 2002

dear all, 
   As some of you may be aware, I have recently been
selling my arse to Babylon.  Specifically, I have been
driving delivery trucks for Tesco in the period
leading up to the Consumemas-ively holiday.  
It may interest you to know that all of the branches I
visited used compacters (big crushers)to destroy  out
of date foodstuffs. Whilst visiting one branch last
week (I'll not mention which, in order to protect my
informer)I observed a crew of warehousemen throwing
dozens of crates of fresh fruit & veg into the
crusher.  There was parsnips, carrots, tomatoes,
peppers and grapes - about a ton altogether. Upon
close examination (and tasting in the case of the
grapes)all appeared to be in pristine condition. When
I asked, they duly informed me that the stuff was "out
of date" and had to go in.  I was further informed by
one individual that in the previous 5 days, £29,000
worth of fresh produce had gone the same way.  When I
commented that quite apart from the waste, it didn't
seem a very good way of doing business, I was told
that it was insignificant compared to sales of £3.8m
over the same period.  

A by product-of the crushers is that they produce a
stinking ooze which leaks out onto the yard floor. 
This may, or may not, be connected to the numerous
vermin traps I saw in the yard/warehouse area of every
Tesco store I delivered to.


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