McDonalds Stroud demos: 2nd/4th/12th Feb

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McDonalds in Stroud  -  by JM  3:06pm Fri Jan 25 '02

McDonalds want to build a branch in Stroud. The planning decision is due on
12 February...

McDs In Stroud Latest.
After months of delay the planning meeting to decide whether your favourite
corporate health food/sustainable organisation/fair pay outlet McDonalds
will be decided on February 12th at Stroud District Council Offices meeting
starting 10.00.
Consequently you are invited to demonstrate your opposition to them and all
they represent: in case you need reminding that'll be globalisation,
ripping off workers on low wages,encouraging car use, air pollution,
traffic congestion, putting local companies out of business, exploiting
children through advertising, use of intensively farmed animals and selling
food of dubious nutrutional value
The McFOff Campaign organised by the Catalyst has resulted in 2000 letters
of opposition into the planning department and the preparation of a
planning submission to the department with great support from UK Residents
against McDonalds, McSpotlight and The Land Is Ours
The decision now rests with councillors on the planning department. Any
influence brought to bear will add to the mounting campaign.

Dates for your Diary:
Feb 2nd "Its A Dub Beats Thing" @ The Space, Landsdowne Road Stroud,
organised by Catalyst 
February 4th: Traffic Action on the proposed McDs site: 4 - 6
February 12th: Demonstration outside Ebley Mill 10.00 am

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